Saturday 3 August 2019

UFO Hall of Shame 2019 - Knitting Edition

A few years ago I wrote a post about all of my unfinished Sewing and Knitting projects you can see it here! I made great strides in to finishing the projects, well, that was until I moved away from London, since then I have been in a crafty stasis, I have made very little in the way of new projects and finished very little of those that were already *lurking* half loved in my cupboards.

Recently I moved home for the third time since decanting my self to the midlands, and yet again I was faced with bags of 'one day' projects. This time I knew I would have to explain them to someone else, which made me feel very self-conscious about all the effort and money that was being waisted sitting in these bags, so I knew it was time for another proverbial dirty laundry airing.

This time I've created a video, as mentioned in my September 2018 Vlog (yes another pre-working-internet creation). I actually filmed this video quite a few months before my most recent move, as that ended up being a little more unplanned than I would have liked, long story, but at least I had some idea what was in these bags this time, anyway waffle over, here it is!

Patterns & Projects mentioned:

Thank you for watching!
Wendy x

* I don't alf, use this word a lot in this video, goodness only know why, maybe anxiety brings out the lurker in me!

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