Tuesday 21 January 2014

Knitting For Victory

Well, Hello there, and a Happy New Year to you!!
Me and my Mum celebrated New Years with a little too much Babycham, sipped from our fancy new glasses.
I hope we all had marvelous Christmases if celebrated or a good few days off if not, and you have all now recovered from your New Year celebrations and that you are all enjoying 2014!

My Mums Christmas Tree
Christmas for me was spent with my parents up in Liverpool we had a lovely time, we went to the cinema to see the Hobbit (which was fabulous) shared lots of lovely presents, ate a ton and a half of food, and attempted to walk off the said ton and a half of food in the beautiful local woods. All of which was very relaxing and though it did seem to fly by much quicker this year. We also conspired to do lots of things together again this year so hopefully there should be lots of exciting things to look forward to in the months ahead!

View from Woolton Woods towards the Welsh hills
On Christmas Day whilst in a food induced stupor and whilst attempting to figure out what the heck was going on in Dr. Who (love the show but I was baffled) I finally got started on my Knit for Victory project. I know a lot of you lovelies have finished numerous things already, so I am, as always, one step behind the rest, so I decided it was about time I got my act together and started on knitting something, thankfully the this knit along was very generous with its deadline,  let's face it knitting is not an instant gratification project so this makes it ideal, especially for slowcoaches like me!

One reason it took me so long to start, was because I was knitting my brothers Christmas Jumper, more on that in the next post. Another was I genuinely could not decide what project to pick, I had thought I would do something quick like Lucy's Turban (I really want a red one!), but it was only after the lovely Tasha, host of said knit along, asked me to do a little Top Ten Post that I set my mind on Your Victory Jumper especially as I knew I had all the yarn I would need in my overflowing stash!

I have been wanting to knit this pattern for a long while there as are so many lovely versions on Ravelry and I have been pleasantly surprised at just how quick it is to knit, obviously having time off  over Christmas has helped with its progress, but as I type this I am a stones throw away from the shoulder shaping on my first sleeve and the second sleeve to start so I am feeling hopeful that with only a week or so let that this could well be my first knitting victory of 2014! Fingers crossed!

Wendy x