Tuesday 11 October 2011

Sweeter than Sunshine

After my Oscar the Grouch style post I thought I would change the mood a bit with an awards post!

While I was off on my hols the gorgeous Katrin awarded me 'The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award' How kind! Now this is one busy little lady as she has not one but two fantastic blogs, the first is about all the vintage in her life which is called Per Bar one Penny. You must check out her post on cutting her own midi, it looks amazing! So go and pay her a visit you won't be disappointed!

Part of the rules of receiving this award is to list 7 Random facts about yourself:

1. I am 5'9" tall, which makes vintage clothes buying difficult as they tend to come up too short, this one of the reasons why I took to making my own clothes.

2. I have size UK 7/8 feet which again makes getting vintage options almost impossible.

3. My love of the past began with a love of all things 60's. I am sure It was triggered by watching re-runs of The Avengers (can't tell you how much I wanted to be Mrs Peel, catsuits and eye liner what's not to love!!) and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (The most hilarious name for a Nemesis ever, shame no one told him all he needed was some yoghurt and his problems would be over;)).

4. I love chocolate but I don't like chocolate flavoured ice cream or chocolates with runny caramel inside... I've no idea why just both seem really wrong to me. I'm very strange:)

5. I am a slightly obsessive list writer, I really can't go a day without jotting down some form of list, be it of the shopping or Things to do variety, I will seldom be found without one on hand!

6. I bite my nails and have done so on and off since the age of 2. I tend to only bite them now when I am stresses or worried, which luckily does not happen often. The weirdest thing is that I am unaware of actually biting them until it is too late.

7. I could not live without my Converse trainers I bought my first pair with my first paycheck and have had a pair in various colours ever since.

Now I must pass this on to some fellow bloggers - This is the hard bit as all the blogs I follow are really wonderful and have helped to keep me the right side of sane over the last few weeks. So I have chosen some of the newest arrivals to my Google Reader!

Radka from Moon River and Me
Donna from Hook and Stitch
Rueby from Rubey Retro 
Toria from Girl meets Wolf
Lyra from Pretty Oddity
Mayday May from Walking in May
Catlin from Caltlin Rose

 All that's left for me to do is to pop by to let you all know!

Wendy x

Its been a while

Well hello all, I'm sorry for my lack of blogging lately I have just been tied up with really dull stuff that I have not found much time or enthusiasm for anything fun, to be honest, the last few weeks have put me in a really baaad mood. 
Now I have debated talking about this, as, well it is supposed to be a blog about all things lovely and vintage, but I thought by sharing it might help me to stop wallowing in negativity, and get back some of my motivation!
But If you are not in the mood for a Tuesday morning ranty type post then please skip to the last two paragraphs where the mood lifts, I can completely understand :)

After my fabulous holiday (post on that to follow) I was brought back down to earth with a bump once I was greeted with two new housemates, who had moved in while I was away. 
Don't make me mad...
I rent a room in a shared house, and I have for about 6 years and for the most part it has been an interesting and enjoyable time. I have lived with some truly fabulous people such as the wonderfully fiery Carlota, an Italian Buddhist (interesting combo) who taught me how to brew and drink proper coffee, also Marzena and Thomas a Polish couple who were just the most friendly and truly generous people I have ever met, and there have been many other fascinating people from far and wide who I have learnt many new things from.  I will add at times I have also shared the house with a few kitchen knife-wielding crazies, who have made me want to sleep with one eye open, and my door securely locked, but all in all my time there has been enjoyable and above all the rent is cheap!

But these new additions to our household have just pushed me to the edge of reason, they are both bright young women who seem to have no personal or communal hygiene standards at all, no matter how often you politely ask them to have a bit of respect for the others in the house. Honestly, the tales I could tell you would turn your stomach and are certainly not fit for description here, and these are the kind of well spoken, well educated, young women who you would see on the street and think they looked classy!

This has lead me to try and find somewhere new to live which in turn means I have now had the misfortune of coming across "The Letting Agent".  Now I am sure there are hundreds nay thousands of wonderful courteous and friendly letting agents out there, who are ready to help, the problem is ones that I have met so far, have been rude, smarmy and just plain stress inducing.

They laugh at you when you ask to see a rental property at a certain time as they know due to the high demand it is going to have gone to someone who is available at 10 am on Monday morning, not after work on a Weds. They never call you back, or they leave property's on the search engines months after it has already been let, just so that you waste your time working out if you could live in said flat, in said location, to ring up only to find that "oh it sorry it went last Monday, we have this one though but it's ££ more than the one advertised".

After four weeks of looking, I have still not even managed to get a single viewing!!!! Argh!!

Deep breath...ok ok...I am calm now... I know that in the grand scheme of things this is a minor blip on the radar of life, and soon it will all be forgotten, but boy I can empathise now when people say moving/buying a house is one of the most stressful things you may have to do in life. It's just horrid.

You will be glad to know I have (other than sulking and kicking things:)) been reading all your wonderful bloggy goings on, though I haven't been commenting much (something I will remedy very soon!). I will say you guys have given me a much needed 'Technicolor Happy Place' to retreat to when I have wanted to scream and have toddler style tantrum :)

So let me end this post on a high and onto something much more fun. I am currently sorting out a little giveaway as a big thank you to all of you for sticking around and following me and getting me to 160 followers! Gosh, I honestly can't believe it, I never imagined that would ever happen! So thank you all, you're all totally Brilliant! x

Wendy x