Sunday 28 July 2019

Monthly Meanderings - September 2018

So we now have reached September 2018, I know these videos are late but will catch up to present day very soon!

~ Steam Trains, Spuds & Sewing ~

In September 2018 there was a trip to the Churnet Valley Railway, Some vintage knitting patterns, a spot of DIY and some desperate attempts to create a 'proper' Video, the out takes of which lie within the minutes of the below video. All of this and you'll finally seem my gurning face and my voice together for the first time on film anywhere to date...which is utterly terrifying! Please excuse the nervousness and the consequential over editing to create a sentence without the word ERRRM.

Wendy x
PS. Again there are edited subtitles if my mumbling gets too difficult to understand!

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