Sunday 25 August 2019

Sew It - Vintage Hair Bow Tutorial Part 2

So here is part two of my Hair Bow Tutorial, the written out version, to see the video click here!

~ A Vintage Hair Bow ~

For this tutorial you will need:
• Matching Cotton thread
• A Hand Sewing Needle & Pin
• A Ruler or Tape measure
• Clear nail polish or Fray Check
• An Elastic Hairband
• A pair of Scissors

1. You will need to cut your ribbon in to the following lengths
  • 1 x 2.5" strip
  • 1 x 12" strip
  • 2 x 13"strips
  • 1 x 14" strip

2. Once all of our strips have been cut we need to see the ends, to do this we need to paint the raw edges of the cut ribbon with Fray Check or clear nail varnish, once you've done this you'll need to let them dry for a few minutes before moving on to the next step!

3. Now you're going to need to take one of your 13" strips and place the 12" strip on top. Centre it up so the ends are evenly spaced, as seen at the top of the picture. Now you need to grab your 14 inch strip and fold it in half so that the two raw ends meet in the middle.

4. Pin the bow you have just created with raw sides facing downwards into the centre of the two ribbons you have placed on top of each other, and then stitch these three layers together. Finish by pulling your needle through to the top of your work.

5. Next take the longest piece of ribbon that you have left and fold it in half. Place it over the stitches that you have just made and then sew through this layer and the others a couple of times to attach it to the rest of the bow.

6. Once you have done this take the needle and wrap it around the centre of the bow a couple of times to draw everything together at the middle.

7. That done it should look like the image above, secure thread and cut off.

8. Next you need to attach the short piece of ribbon you have left to the centre of your bow, this can be done with a simple overcast/whip stitch as it will not be visible when we are done.

9. Time to add the hair band, loop the band through the tab you have just created and wrap the ribbon around twice (this will depend on the sickness of your band, a thinner band may need more) until the raw edge is on the back side of the bow.

10. Stitch in place with an over cast stitch, secure thread and then paint the row of stitches with a thin layer of nail polish to secure.

11. Done, time to get your 50s screen starlet on and wear with abandon.

Wendy x

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