Thursday 30 April 2020

Monthly Meanderings - Feb 2020

So what did February have in store!

~ Sewing & Growing Plans ~

It was a stormy old month February, I did my best to get outside when I could but rain stopped play more often than I would have liked!
Benn spent hours sanding and fixing the stairs // I finally get to do a bit of digging!
// Tracing // Garden planning // Suits you Sir!, sewing plans!
It did mean however there was plenty of time to spend plotting a big sewing project, which is always fun, speaking of fun Benn  decided that a prank was in order!

Wendy x

Tuesday 28 April 2020

Monthly Meanderings - Jan 2020

~ Woman about the house ~
January was a very quite month,which means that it gave me the chance to do a bit of an early spring clean and slowly build some motivation, for 2020!

I even started sewing again, something I haven't done properly since I moved in with Benn!

Wendy x

Sunday 26 April 2020

Monthly meanderings - Nov-Dec 2019

having had weeks of sunshine in 2020, it seems strange to look back at frosty mornings and crisp days of November and December, but here is my 2019 vlog from those months, with a little reminder of the winter and a more 'normal' time.

~ Brilliant Birthdays & Green Gifting ~

Liverpool museum and soup to warm the soul! // A painting from the Lady Lever Gallery // GMRC at Warley
// Finally a dining table // Sunset over the water
November we made another, trip to see my dad on the Isle of Wight, it was a short and sweet trip and we enjoyed some gorgeous sunny spells! My crochet game was still strong and I was still joining those squares together! 
My Birthday, day, we stopped at Crown Street to look at the park // Eco Gifting // Terrarium time
// Liverpool your gorgeous // Sunlight and Xmas Stockings // Beau and some Baubles!

December involved birthday for me, which mean a little trip 'oup north' to Liverpool for a few days being a tourist, visiting the city and then a little trip out to Port Sunlight and the Lady Lever Museum.
Then christmas rolled in and had me making Eco friendly Xmas gifts to help kick start the clan into a less plastic way of living, a girl can try!

Wendy x

Monthly Meanderings - Sept-Oct 2019

This is a plant heavy episode, I bought a lot, killed a few and then bought some more!
I also finally got some crafting going with Granny Square plans.

Plants, plants, plants... oh and some Crochet ~
Crochet Squares // Loo paper by the mile
// Jamin' // Sansevieria Trafiscata

I bought a lot of grant squares from eBay as I had grand ideas of making something very 70s!
I also did a spot of Jam making, a very tiny bit of decorating, we ordered our first 'Who Gives A Crap' loo roll order! And then there was a lot of plant potting and fingers crossed saving!

Wendy x

Thursday 23 April 2020

Monthly Meanderings - August 2019

August has rolled around and it is full of things to be done!

Gardening, Island'ing & Vegan BBQ'ing ~
Beautiful Butterfly on the Budlia // Benn and my Dad enjoy a pub dinner
Dom came to visit and inspired a Vegan BBQ // 'Somewhere over Shanklin'

In this episode there is a little catchup on the garden, which includes some surprise potatoes, some of which were eaten as soon as they were dug up! 

There is another little trip to the Isle of Wight  where we he'd to Dimbola lodge and see the Bowie Photo Exhibition I wanted to see the last time we were there! I have to say the weather was particularly fierce and certainly added a sense of drama to the occasion!

And some gorgeous cows which we saw on our way home from Shanklin!

Once back on the mainland there is some house plant repotting to do and a very exciting trip to the compost heap (what do you mean its not exciting) oh and a little Vegan BBQ, which went a little bit vegans were harmed don't worry!

Wendy x

Sunday 12 April 2020

Monthly Meanderings - July (Part Two) 2019

Part two of Julys vlog is all about getting things done at home

~ Sewing Room Tidy ~
In this episode I spend my time, trying to fit all my stuff into my Sewing room, Spoiler, I didn't quite manage it, there is still lots to set but its a start and thats something!
A Billy Bookcase to make the sewing room neater!?! // Me pondering my tan // Yarn stash!
// The burning bin from Hades // Benn's secretly built compost heap!
We also get our very first doorstep milk from Milk and More, Benn builds a Compost bin, and then sets light to some stuff, I'm not sure the burning bin will ever be the same! 
Oh its all riveting stuff I'm sure you'll agree, haha!

Wendy x