Saturday 31 August 2019

Monthly Meanderings - December 2018

I know it's way too early to talk about Christmas, but what about Christmas 2018!?!

~ Christmas Shopping & Sewing ~
Beau // Hinckley's Lights // My first Project //
Difficult sewing decisions // Lefunk! @ the Woodstock Stockpot
So in the December 2018 edition of nonsense Wendy got up to, we have a little bit of sewing, some difficult decisions- prompting a whole lot of waffle, a quick view of my fabric stash...obviously that's what airing cupboards were really made for.. a trip to Liverpool and Stockport for Christmas and lots and lots of Benn being very clever with the band he's part of!

Links to bits mentioned in this Vlog:
• NewLook 6619 - only available second hand Ebay
• Secondhand Rose Worcester
• LeFunk! Stockport

Wendy x

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