Saturday 21 September 2019

Monthly Meanderings - June 2019

So its June now in my round up of well overdue videos, the internet round here is no better than before!

~ LDN & MCR ~
Planting herbs //Oxalis bulbs // Benn on the decks
Phillip //  Euston Station // Quarry Bank

In this video there is a day trip to London to catch up with my wonderful friend Phillip, where we stroll around and get lost! Theres a little planting of herbs and new bulbs and...

I ended the month with a trip with Benn to Manchester, for a spot of DJ'ing and a Birthday day out to the beautiful Quarry Bank Mill!

Things mentioned:
The Doric Arch
• Monstera Deliciosa'Taueri 
• Oxalis Trangularis
Jamies Jungle Instagram
• Soul Sauce DJ
Quarry Bank Mill

Sunday 15 September 2019

Monthly Meanderings - May 2019

Hello, its now May, well it is in the round up of my over due Volgs - which happens to mean quite a bit is going on! 
~ Foliage & Festivals ~
Planting up my succulents // my dishevelled moosh //
Benn doing his DJ thing // Suede giving off their 90s best!

In this video there is a bit of DIY, some plant shopping and a lot of plant waffle, some vintage shopping and the Bearded Theory Festival 2019!
My Boston Fern has started an indoor plant obsession, oops!
Not having had a garden of my own for quite a few years now and being a hopeless but passionate gardener I was finally able to get a few plants from the garden centre, which was very exciting, I bought a few indoor plants not something I have really dabbled with much and can feel a new hobby/habit forming!

We also go the chance to visit the Vintage Home Show which is held a few times a year in Coventry, usually we are away or busy the weekend that it arrives but this time the stars aligned and we were able to pop along and snag a few, very green as it turned out, bargains!

We finished the month with a 5 day festival extravaganza, at the Bearded Theory Spring Gathering, Benn had been booked to DJ the VIP bar and invited along the legend that is Martin the Mod, together the ensured that the staff and artists we kept well tuned with their mix of Soul, funk and 60s classics. It was a great weekend and even better that I got a chance to sneak off and watch a teenage favourite Suede!

Things mentioned:
• Lucy's Lock-up
Monstera Deliciosa'Taueri 
Boston Fern
'Plant these save the bees' T-shirt
Vintage Home Show
Bearded Theory Spring Gathering
Soul Sauce DJ
Martin the Mod

Tuesday 10 September 2019

Monthly Meanderings - Jan-April 2109

Hello everyone, its time for another one of my monthly vlogs, we have finally made it to 2019 and we have four months in one, so we will nearly have caught up very soon!

We have a trip for work to London and another one to Glasgow, a house move and a little look around my current home, well... mostly the garden as in April there was not much more than a mess to see inside the house!