Monday 9 November 2009

Sew It - Felty Dinosaur

Before I start this years mad Christmas gift making, I thought I would share with you some of the patterns I used for last Christmas's gifts! First up is the Alfie-saurs, I made this very cute felted T-rex for my friend Fran's little boy, Alfie.  As he is the only little boy in an increasing number of little girls so it is nice to make something not pink and fluffy for a change!!
Felt Dinosaur Toy close up of head and teeth

~  Felty Dinosaur The T-Rex ~

This pattern is taken from 'Toys to Sew' by Claire Garland which is a lovely book with some interesting retro feel patterns which are sure to please the little ones! I found the free pattern on a Crafty book review site Potter House News.

Felt Dinosaur Toy Full View free pattern
My dinosaur has a few small changes to the original pattern. I made the arms a little bigger than the original and I also cut out four and stuffed them rather than leaving them as two floppy bits of felt as the original pattern suggests this was to make them a bit more durable. 

The next change was much more of a mistake than a deliberate change! I sewed the legs together before sewing them onto the body this made my Dino a little bandier than the original but no less adorable! Also as my hand stitching is not as neat as I would like so I decided to use a strong cotton instead of embroidery silk in a similar shade to the felt so as not to draw too much attention to my wobbly work!!

Felt dinosaurs from Claire Garlands Book toys to sew

So this year I decided to make two more little monsters for Alfie, again they are taken from 'Toys to Sew' by Claire Garland and were very easy and a lot of fun to make!!!

Felt dinosaurs from Claire Garlands Book toys to sew

I am hoping Alfie likes them just as much!
So that's one down just four to go!!

Wendy x

Friday 6 November 2009

Christmas is coming....

I've done it again! I have yet again taken on the ridiculous challenge of making all my presents for all the children in and around my life this Christmas.

Now last year this was a challenge, but this year the number has increased and now I have five children to make gifts for - yes I know have only myself to blame and yes I know that I don't have to make gift, I could just head down to the shops like most people, but there is something special about receiving a gift that is unique and has been made especially for you.!

So in no particular order:

Willow: My best friend Diane's little girl and my God daughter who is 16 months old, a massive Peppa Pig fan and totally cute - Tea set with knitted cakes and sandwiches and a fair-isle hat.

Alfie: Fran's oldest Dino/Spiderman obsessed little boy of 4 - The last Two felt dino's from 'Toys to Sew' by Claire Garland.

Emily: Fran's oldest little girl lively 2 (three in Jan) year old who loves Tinkerbell - Teddy bear and a fair-isle hat.

Lily: One of the newest 
arrivals and one of the happiest babies ever- Floppy eared knitted bunny and fair-isle hat.

Kiera: Christine’s First and most unexpected arrival a very tiny 5 months old - Floppy eared knitted bunny and a fair-isle hat and mittens.

I hope to have all this finished by the 21st of Dec as I will be traveling to my parents after this. So the countdown begins...