Tuesday 11 December 2012

Things To Make & Do - Tin Can Lanterns

Hello, there I hope your all well and getting excited about the festivities ahead!

I apologise for the lack of blogging and blog reading (1000+ posts in my reader, eeek!) going on around here I hope to remedy it soon! I am currently having trouble with my computer (what is it about windows PCs that makes them gradually grind to a complete halt!) fingers crossed a shiny new laptop will be on the horizon, but until then I am having to resort to spare moments on lunch breaks at work to do any internet related stuff, which is not nearly enough time to do all that I want/need to!

Anyway, I promised this tutorial a long time ago and rather than let it sit in my draft folder any longer I thought it was about time to publish it!

Tin Can Lanterns

These are really the most versatile decoration ever as you can keep using them all year round! (...hung from trees at a BBQ, lining a garden pathway for an evening party, on the table for a romantic meal...) You could also spray them up to match your colour scheme. What better way to use something that you were just going to throw away recycle!

And the best bit is that these are SO easy to make!! You can use any design you like (... stars, Xmas trees...) just mark your can up first and get punching! I went for a simple pattern using the cans ridges to space out my holes, I didn't worry if it was accurate as I think it being a bit wonky adds to the charm! But if you feel you have made a terrible mistake with the pattern, it's no problem, just pop the can into the recycling and save the next can you open...really what could be less stressful!

                        Tin Cans
                        A Felt Pen
                        A Hammer
                        A Large Nail or A Small Cross Head Screw Driver (my weapon of choice)
                        A Towel.

Note: If you want to hang these up you must put two holes opposite each other at the top, BEFORE you defrost your can, as there is no refilling it with water once is all holey - I learnt the hard way so you don't have to;).

Wendy x