Saturday 10 August 2019

Monthly Meanderings - October 2018

~ A Trip Home ~
Woollen Village // Sleeve Knitting // My lovely Mum //
 Pizza Wrap // Struggling with Math whilst having a headache // Beau being Beau

In October 2018, I din't pick the camera up much, the only time I did was when I headed home to Liverpool to spend some much needed time with my Mum and Beau. My Dad was on the Isle of Wight and my little brother was away having yet another fantastic adventure, this time in Peru, and so I had a bit of alone time with my Mum. 

Hard life!! Photo taken by my brother
Beau as you will notice doesn't live with me anymore, this is partly due to him being much less grumpy and very content with my Mum and Dad and the fact that where I was living doesn't allow pets. I miss his grumpy little moosh an awful lot but I know that he is better off with three people fawning over him.

Ok, on to the video...

Wendy x 

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