Saturday 17 August 2019

Monthly Meanderings - November 2018

So there is a hint crispness in the air is it that winter is here already or does it mean we have now arrived at November 2018 little vlog!

~ Shopping...(meh) & Jazz...(niice) ~
Record shopping / Side eye at the thought of clothes shopping /
Filming is blooming hard / Leicester Cathedral looking all fancy / The Art Blank Combo educating me in Jazz

In Novembers video, we have a shopping trip to Leicester in an effort to have some clothes that don't need repairing (spoiler, I didn't buy any I'm too frugal or too fussy) I visit the Warley Model Railway Show for work, attempt to film an introduction to a 'proper' Youtube Video and as an early birthday treat I go to Wales to see Benn play with the The Art Blank Combo.

Wendy x
Ps. As before I have added subtitles for those who find them useful!

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