Wednesday 9 March 2011

Things To Make & Do - Spring Knitting Inspiration

If all the hours in the day were free for purely crafting, then I would spend my time on knitting up all of these lovely vintage woollies for Spring...

Pretty Summer Woolly (1930's)
I am in love with this 1930's Cardigan would be perfect for spring, just love the mix of blue and white

The Charm of Blue and Grey 1933
'This jumper is an irresistible interpretation of the vogue for angora - and why attempt to resist the charm, anyhow, when it can gladden your Spring wardrobe at cost price, thanks to STITCHCRAFT!'
Need I say more I just love the naval quality to this Jumper it would work a treat with a pair of Sailor Pants!

Charm For The Afternoon (1930's)
This looks like it would be a quick-ish knit to have ready in time for spring!

Tatiana Top (1940s)
"This vintage knitting pattern from the 1940s features a striking top, knit sideways in the feather and fan, or "old shale" pattern. The added peplum may be replaced with a band of simple k1, p1 rib for a totally updated look"

Shoulder Warmth (1940s)
"The French have two words for it - Courant d'air - that chill little breeze in a room which makes you wish for a shoulder woolliness such as this blue bolero"

Lacey Stripes and Leg-o-Mutton Sleeves 1933
"This is a jumper that can see you smartly through a variety of occasions, both morning and informal afternoon."

With a Fashionable 'Slit' Neckline (1930's)

Mimi (1940s)
"This vintage knitting pattern for the "Mimi" short sleeved top was first published in the early 1940s. It features lace panels running up the sides and center front, plus delicate detailing at the neckline."

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Wendy x


  1. What a great roundup of vintage patterns, thanks so much for posting this! I am particularly in love with the first short-sleeved cardigan!

  2. Lovely picks. I have just started to learn to knit. Can't wait to make something wearable!

  3. Tasha - Its really lovely isn't it, I'm desperate to give it a go!

    Lady Cherry - Good luck, I am sure you'll be knitting your own vintage creations in no time!

  4. Oh my goodness, I've just looked at your blog for the first time and seen your love of vintage knitwear, which I very much appreciate. Such gorgeous patterns!

  5. Like you I adore vintage knitwear! I'll definitely be trying these out, I love the Slit neckline one, it's first on my list of things to make once I finish my 1940's Fairisle jumper! XxxX