Wednesday 16 March 2011

BBC South Riding - Fashion Fest Part 2

What a wonderful hat!!!

Well as promised I have some more screenshots from the last two episodes of South Riding.

I have to say to all those bloggers who do a lot of screen shots I had no idea just how tricky and time-consuming it is, so hats of to you all!

 I realise that my screen shots are a little obsessive, but I like to get and all round aspect to each outfit, to know exactly how it is made. I blame the day job (which is designing these), all that need for high attention to detail!

So on to the rest of Miss Burton's outfits... 
Image source BBC South Riding 2011 Episode 02
Loooove this jumper, it has been paired with a matching pink/salmon skirt and it works perfectly, another outfit, which I am sure would be wearable today and not just by the vintage among us! The jumper looks like it is knitted in a very fine wool. Must find a pattern for this!!

Images source BBC South Riding 2011 Episode 01, 02 and 03

There were some wonderful mac style coats too, love the machine detailing on the top one, and just look at the pointy collar on the green one! And how different the colours looks in the screenshot to the publicity photo (left) it is so much more of a vibrant green.
Images source BBC South Riding 2011 Episode 02
Now this is what I call an outfit, another delightful coat, it fastens by pulling a strap at the collar across the neck, not very winter friendly (especially as the scene is set in Manchester a few days before Christmas!) but gorgeous none the less. Underneath is a cute little pleated frilled dress in a creamy mushroom colour.
Images source BBC South Riding 2011 Press Photo
A stunning bottle green evening dress with diamante shoulder clasps, Could not get a good screen shot of this as the film was sooo dark!

Images source BBC South Riding 2011 Episode 02 and 03
   Two more cute little blouses and a fabulous terracotta cardigan.  The shell pattern on the cardigan is the same as used in Ena's Sweater from A stitch in Time Vol. 01 just in a cardigan form. There is a free pattern here or here which the shell pattern could be used on!

Images source BBC South Riding 2011 Episode 03
Another Blouse this time in cream which is identical to the teal one in the last post. This time, it is teamed with a long black coat and high-waisted skirt. Very somber and very chic.

Images source BBC South Riding 2011 Episode 03
Last but no means least another cute little blouse this time in a blue and white polka dot pattern worn with high waisted slacks!

So there you have it, some of my favorite Miss Burton outfits from the fabulous BBC South Riding. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this series just wish it had been a longer, and I completely didn't guess the end at all! It has certainly given me lots of inspiration for my Spring wardrobe, I am going to try and see which modern day patterns could be used to make up some of these wonderful creations!

Wendy x


  1. thank you for sharing these!!! Swooning!!

  2. I LOVE all of these outfits; most especially the coats! Please continue to be obsessive in your screenshots; I know that I appreciate being able to see all of the details as well! Thanks so much for posting these; I can't wait until this is released on DVD!

  3. I LOVE this post!!! I have not the faintest how to do screen shots - so hats off to YOU!
    Ooooh - she was one well dressed lady :)

  4. Oh, I've never heard of South Riding! They usually air a lot of BBC shows here in Norway but I haven't seen this one yet. Thanks for sharing, I have to check this out :)

  5. Fab pics. I've posted about a mag from April 1937 with some fab images In them. x

  6. forget miss burton, you should post some more pictures of yourself. if you don't mind me saying, you are quite stunning.

    your boyfriend is very lucky. :-)

  7. I think you ladies got a better deal out of South Riding, costume-wise, than we chaps. Every time I saw Joe Astell (Douglas Henshall) I wanted to shout "sort your tie out man, for goodness' sake!" ;-) Still, it was a good programme.

    I've given you a little blog award, by the way, here:

  8. this is amazing!! thanks for posting!! :)

  9. Love this post! I have no idea how to do a screen shot, well done!! X

  10. Such amazing photos and clothes! I can't believe I missed this when it was on! I'll definitely be putting the book in my Amazon basket! XxxX