Thursday 3 March 2011

Dedicated Follower of Fashion? Who Me?

I have never been much of a follower of fashion. I have always preferred to be a bit different from the
crowd. Whilst a teenager I would drive my poor mum crazy when shopping, because I knew what I wanted but, never could find it. We wasted many Saturdays traipsing around shopping centres only to come away with nothing. What I wanted, was what I had seen in old movies, though I was much more struck with the 60's fashions back then. That is partly why I took up sewing, though vintage patterns were not as easy to find as they are now, there was no eBay in those days!

Anyway, it looks like due to the massive resurgence in vintage, which is currently being favored by the top designers, I for once have found myself 'Bang on trend' as Gok might say!

Who would have guessed!? Not me!
 Some Elle girls working the Scarf Look! (source

I spotted this article on the ELLE site, it's short and sweet but essentially the headscarf is the new must have accessory for the coming season as it has been seen on the catwalks of Moschino and Missoni.

I'm sure I am not alone in saying that, I have only really used my headscarves for covering/hiding my rollers while at home or sleeping, to venture outside with my hair so adorned struck a fear within me. But with the beginning of a new year and all that, I decided there is no time like the present to actually show off those lovely headscarves that have been residing in the back of a draw since coming home from the charity shop. So over the past few weeks I have been embracing the headscarf in all its vintage satiny glory and adoring my barnet daily.

Mostly I have been wearing it as an Alice Band with the ends all tucked away, but over the last few days I have been a bit braver and have left a bow. So far I have only had compliments from the guys at work, which is a very strange feeling, as they normally spend their days thinking up 'funny' comments to hurl at my 'interesting' dress sense.

One lady, who certainly knows how to wear a headscarf with pride is the ever so stylish Land Girl 1980 just see her blog for proof! One great tip from the lovely Land Girl, is to use snappy clips I am sure they have a proper name - like the ones you had as a child but without the cartoon character attached (but then again why not!) to hold the scarf in place all day rather than hair grips which just keep sliding out along with the scarf!
Next up, I found this video tutorial from Super Kawaii Mama she shows us three more wonderful vintage styles!

And then some more vintage headscarf inspirations from Modcloth

Now, Ladies there is no longer any excuse for not adorning your locks with a satiny square of vintage loveliness post haste!

Wendy x


  1. I'm still at the 'alice band with a bow' stage of headscarf wearing, but I'm inspired to be a little more daring...

    Maybe I'll have a go tomorrow after a traditional Friday evening glass of wine!

    Have a good weekend
    Miss P xx

  2. I love scarfs and bows,basically anything on my hair.

  3. Hey! Thanks for citing me on your blog :) I have plenty of headscarf encompassing outfit posts to come :) Fab post - it's always nice to see how other people do it :)

  4. Great pictures! I need to use them more too.

  5. wow terrific post!
    so informative
    you look so pretty with that scarf
    I will try it too

  6. thanks for all the inspiration! I had no idea it was actually fashionable! Yeah, who would have thought we'd all suddenly be the height of fashion! :D
    thanks for sharing my (terrible & embarrassing!) video. Can't wait to experiment a bit with other ways of wearing one! xxxx