Thursday 10 March 2011

1930's Bow Cardigan Pattern an SOS!!

Image from Porcelina's World
Over the last few weeks I have been working on creating my own knitting pattern for the Miss Lemon Cardigan (Scary as never attempted such a feat before).

The obsession with this cardigan began for me when Miss P over at Porcelina's World posted a screen shot from Poirot of Miss lemon in this little number.

When re-watching La Vie En Rose a few weeks ago I was brought face to face with this wonderful woolly number again and determined to try my hand at creating my own pattern for it which I could share!

The Butterfly Balcony - Miss Lemons Bow Jumper
All the wool is ordered and the pattern is drafted (cobbled together from a few different 30's patterns) I am just awaiting the wools arrival and I will be ready to start.

There is one small problem, though...

I am a bit of a fussy one when it comes to making my own versions, they really have to be a near as possible to the original otherwise I'm not happy! (combine this with my knitting speed, slooooow it will take a while for me to finish a project!)

The images I have are really dark and I can't quite tell what pattern the main body is knitted in. It looks to me like a lacey rib pattern, but I just can't tell?!?

I have decided on a plain stocking stitch until I can find a better image to go by.

So if anyone out there has any clearer images or can help me out I would really love to know!??

Wendy x


  1. Ola! Gem over at Bake Do & Mend made her own - don't know if you have seen it? No pattern mind, but might give you an idea?


    This image is larger, you can tell it's not stocking stitch but can't really see that much detail to know the stitch exactly. Good luck with it.

  3. go you! I've never knitted anything other than a scarf, but this inspires me to try out something a bit more interesting! That cardigan is gorgeous!

  4. Oh! merci beaucoup Ladies! I will check out those links right away!

  5. I cant help you,
    but great idea,
    that cardigan looks so lovely
    i am sure yours will be very nice too,
    how did you start knitting?
    self-starter? the vintage patters you posted are so beautiful

  6. Miss Rosette Brune - Hello! Well, my mum taught me the basic knitting stitches when I was little, but when I was a teenager I gave it up, so its only quite recently that I have started knitting again.
    I was really helped and encouraged by watching a lot of youtube clips!!

  7. Goodness! I wish you the very best of luck - I can't wait to see the finished piece (perhaps I'll give it a go myself, although I'm still working up to starting my very first knitting project!)

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

  8. This cardigan features in many of the Poirot movies, worn by other actresses as well as miss Lemon(can you tell I have the same obsession). The movie that gives the best impression of it is from season 11, cat among the pigeons. I believe you should be able to watch it on youtube. One of the teachers wears it in several scenes. To me it looks like plain stockinette, and the front buttoning also looks to be fastened above and underneath the bow, and it looks as if it hangs loose under the bow fastening. Hope this helps.