Wednesday 16 March 2016

Wendy's Week - Tweets & Repeats

Hello! I hope you are having a fabulous week!
Here is what I've been getting up to...

~ Tweets & Repeats ~
- 7th - 13th March -
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The force is strong with this...bag for life // Me and baby Bro // Beau blending in
// Gardening // Restless // A bit of sewing

- I joined Twitter. OK, I actually signed up a few weeks back it's just taken me this long to finally get to grips with it. I must confess I put off joining for this long as I am not great with spelling (partly why I post these on a Wednesday rather than Sunday!). Up until now, I have been more than content with just using Instagram as it requires only a pretty image and a few words (which are editable) but I am going to give it a go and see how I get on!

The Butterfly Balcony:Wendy's Week - Tweets & Repeats - Gardening in the spring sun

- Did a spot of gardening. It was a beautiful sunny day on Sunday, so I headed outside to get a bit of vitamin D on my pasty skin and to crack on with a bit of much-needed gardening, all with the assistance of the Beau of course. I'd love to say that it made a huge difference, but despite spending most of the day mowing cutting and tidying, it looks only a little less woolly and wild than it was before. but it got me out in the fresh air so it was worth it!

The Butterfly Balcony:Wendy's Week - Tweets & Repeats - Wendy & James in the Boot of a Sunbeam Rapier

 - I embarrassed my little brother. It was my brothers birthday this week, so, of course, I had to share a picture of him I'd found in my recent cleaning endeavours. I have no idea why we were in the boot of the car amongst the spare tyre and what looks like my mum's homemade changing bag, but it makes a cute picture none the less and it suitably embarrassed him, I mean that's what older sisters are for after all! Though this photo is from the 80s, with my dad's vintage Sunbeam Rapier and my mum's hand crafted wardrobe you would never guess, it could quite easily pass for the early 60s! It's clear the love of vintage started very young!

The Butterfly Balcony:Wendy's Week - Tweets & Repeats - BBC's Restless Hayley Atwell Costumes
{All Images from SundanceTV}
- I rewatched the BBC miniseries Restless. After the clear out of my living room last weekend I found, rather shamefully, that I'd got a fair few DVD's that were still in their cellophane wrappers! So on Sunday I sat down to rewatch Restless, an adaption of William Boyd's book of the same name. It is a spy thriller which alternates between the 30/40s and the 1970s and has a stellar cast. The lead is played by Hayley Atwell as the young Eva Delectorskaya with Charlotte Rampling who plays the older 1970s version, and I must say it is all rather gripping! I not having seen it since it was shown on Telly a few years back I'd pretty much forgotten most of the plot which was actually great as it meant that I could enjoy it afresh, plus it gave me another chance to swoon at all the fabulous costumes! I can totally see why Hayley Atwell got the part if Agent Carter (another show on my 'I need to watch' list), she suits the 1940s look perfectly and can certainly rock a sharply tilted hat!

The Butterfly Balcony:Wendy's Week - Tweets & Repeats - Love Sewing & Simply Sewing Magazines
Love Sewing Complete with 2 sewing patterns // Simply Sewing with a Tilly & the Buttons Blouse and some pretty fabric
- I bought a couple of Sewing Magazines. Along with my fab new Star Wars shopping bag, I might have had a little splurge on some sewing magazines! I don't buy them very often anymore, I actually used to subscribe to Love Sewing but decided to end my subscription last year as I found I'd never made up any of the patterns as lovely as they were, so it seemed a bit of a waste of money. But every now and then I treat myself when the patterns are tempting enough to make me part with my cash. This month Love Sewing has actually had two separate patterns a Jersey dress/top and the pattern that drew me in, the 5-in1 wardrobe builder which was rather tempting. Simply Sewing has a new 'Tilly and The Buttons' blouse pattern which also looked very appealing. I guess time will tell if I actually make up anything!

 - Also did a bit of sewing. But not that much, now it's becoming clear to me why it takes me so long to finish anything! I finally set to hemming my 1950s Box Pleat skirt, though I am still really not happy with it so I have left it hang for a couple of days and then will reassess it, this has been the most fiddly part of the whole skirt, but I am determined to get it right, eventually!

Have you been up to anything crafty this week?
Wendy x

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