Thursday 31 March 2016

Wendy's Week - Airfix & Allotmenteering

Hello! I hope you all had a fabulous Easter if you celebrate it or a lovely rest if you don't!

I have been having a few technical issues with my website lately, so this is a little late but after much faffing here is what I got up to last week!
~ Airfix & Allotmenteering ~
-21st - 27th March -
The Butterfly Balcony: Wendy's Week Instagram Header Airfix & Alotmenteering
Daffodils // Grumpy looking extras // Sewing Clips // Beau watching the birdies // Hair Bow Tutorial // Digging

- Filmed a video tutorial. I mentioned in my last post that I was thinking about making more use of the film mode on my camera and so I had a go this weekend at a little tutorial on how to make a hair bow just like the one I am wearing in this post, it's very simple and once edited I'll hopefully be brave enough to post it here, so you can see and hear what I am really like! I did actually film a little video just after Christmas as bit of an introduction to my blog and me but so far I have been far too shy to post it or properly edit it as, well it's a bit cringey, you can really tell how very nervous I was filming it (I was honestly shaking, despite being completely on my own at the time) but I am working on my confidence little by little and so perhaps I will get over myself very soon and be brave enough to publish it...perhaps!

The Butterfly Balcony: Wendy's Week Airfix & Allotmenteering - Daffodils
- Went out for Lunch On Good Friday, I went for a lovely pub lunch with my good friend Alan so that we could exchange Easter eggs, you're never too old for chocolate! We discussed our plans for our upcoming outing to see the Syd Lawrence Orchestra in a couple of weeks. Despite eating my body weight in Vegetable Linguini and Manchester Tart (I had no idea this was even a thing, it was mighty tasty though! It did make me giggle no end to have to ask for two Manchester Tarts at the bar, but then I'm a child!). I must confess to getting a little tipsy and so on returning home nodded off on the sofa and achieved nothing much else for the rest of the day, whoops!

The Butterfly Balcony: Wendy's Week Airfix & Allotmenteering - Daffodils

- Bought some fabric clips. I saw these Plastic Clip Clamps a few weeks ago and thought they looked like something that might be useful to add to my sewing kit, to hold together fabrics that are too delicate to pin and for adding on bindings to edgings. I had previously looked at getting some Clover Wonder Clips which retail at about £18 for 50, but I was put off by the price and so when I saw that these were very cheap at £3.38 for 80 and had great reviews, I decided it was worth the risk and gave them a go. I did have to wait about a month for them to arrive, which meant I had totally forgotten about them when they did, but now they are here I can honestly say they are very well made and totally worth the price and long delivery time. I will be putting them to good use very soon!

The Butterfly Balcony: Wendy's Week Airfix & Allotmenteering - Digging on the allotment

- Spent Saturday on the Allotment. That photo doesn't look staged at all, ha ha! My camera was precariously positioned on the water tank to take this! Finally, this Saturday I dragged my lazy behind over to my much-neglected allotment to begin the digging and weeding. Thankfully it wasn't as bad as I'd been fearing, the soil is lovely and soft and so digs over really well, plus I've downloaded a new calorie tracker app on my phone, in an effort to loose some weight and have found that one hours heavy digging is supposed to burn about 700 calories, which is a huge amount, though I must confess I'm not sure my style of digging can be considered 'heavy', but even half those calories burnt is a good start and goes a long way to balancing out all the chocolate I consumed over the weekend!

The Butterfly Balcony: Wendy's Week Airfix & Allotmenteering - Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary Airfix Kit

- I Bought an Airfix Kit. Which made me feel a lot like a teenage boy, but you know what I don't care!  For years now I have fancied having a go an Airfix model but have resisted, I have bought kits for all the men in my life at some point, but to my knowledge not one of them has ever made them up and so they all sit waiting patiently in their boxes. So this weekend I used up some Amazon vouchers and took advantage of same day delivery (blows my mind) and bought myself a Battle of Britain kit! As well as being something I have wanted to have a go at for years, it will also hopefully help me to keep to my new resolution of watching less TV. I've realised that despite my best intentions I have become a bit of couch potato, which is really limiting how much I get done of an evening, so I have decided to restrict myself to an hour or so a day, which has so far been hard, very hard.  I can certainly knit and just about sew whilst watching TV, but having something that's a bit fiddly and needs utter concentration might actually help break me of the habit and hopefully, in the end, I'll have a little more to show for my time other than square eyes!

The Butterfly Balcony: Wendy's Week Airfix & Allotmenteering - Mr Holmes
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- All that said I did make time for some TV. Mr. Holmes is currently streaming on Amazon prime (I promise I am not sponsored by Amazon, I just seem to use them a lot!) and so I decided to give it a watch as I utterly adore Sir Ian McKellan, I want him to be my grandad! Mr. Holmes is a completely different take on the Sherlockian story. Set in 1947 the 93year old Holmes has retired to the Sussex coast to live the simple life tending to his bees, with the help of his housekeeper Mrs. Munro and her young son Roger. It's becoming clear to Holmes that he is losing his memory and so in a last effort to correct some of the misconceptions created by Watson's stories he is attempting to rewrite his last case, the case that broke him if he can remember the facts that is. For me it's not the unfolding case that is the best part of the film, it is the growing relationship between Holmes and young Roger, it really is so touchingly sweet and shows that Holmes has a not just an analytical but also a caring side, it's all rather lovely!
Wendy x

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