Wednesday 23 March 2016

Wendy's Week - Fabric & Family

Hello! I hope you have been having a fabulous week and are looking forward to the Easter holidays!
Here is what I've been getting up to...

~ Fabric & Family ~
-14th - 20th March -
The Butterfly Balcony:  Wendy's Week - Fabric & Family Instagram Header In Retrospect // Fabulous Fabric // Suite Francaise // Pictures of Paris // Working hard or hardly working // Mum and Dad's Wedding Anniversary
In Retrospect Magazine Issue 06 // Fabulous floral fabric // BBC Film Suite Francaise //
Pictures of Paris // Working hard or hardly working // Mum and Dad's Wedding Anniversary

- Said hello to my parents My folks were staying at my aunt and uncles in London for a few days to attend a family funeral, so as they live not far from where I work I was able to pop round for a few hours on Thursday and Friday for a quick chat and a bit of cake. It was lovely to see them despite the sad reason for their visit especially as they celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary this week!

- Worked on a Saturday The company I work for had an open day event at our warehouse in Enfield on Saturday, and so it was all hands on deck to keep everything running smoothly. It was actually a great day, since I spend most of my time working in an office on my own all day I don't really get to interact with many people so it was rather fun to get to chat to people and to be able to hold my own with collectors who love our models and know much more about them than I do! I made a little video of the day which has come out quite well considering I have not done that kind of thing before, which is tempting me to perhaps make more use of the video feature on my camera!

The Butterfly Balcony:  Wendy's Week - Fabric & Family Beautiful Fabrics from Clothspot
- Bought some beautiful new fabric from Clothspot! After reading Cate from a Vintage Gal fabulous post declaring her love for Clothspot, I decided to pop over and have a look at some of their fabrics, blimey they have some lovely stuff! After a spot of deliberation as what to choose I eventually opted for some slinky black and red floral satin, which I bought up the last of and some 1940s style blue and pink floral lawn which I am hoping to turn into a summery 40s tea dress very soon! I have to say I am really very impressed the fabric is very reasonably priced,the customer service was really excellent and the fabric arrived very quickly and beautifully wrapped, I am sure it wont be long before I am tempted again!

- In Retrospect This week the latest copy of In Retrospect magazine hit my doormat which is always a wonderful moment, as it is one of the only vintage specific magazines that I truly enjoy reading.  I shamefully have a post still sitting in my draft folder about my love of this magazine which hopefully I will post soon, but if you love all things vintage, then this might be the magazine for you!

The Butterfly Balcony:  Wendy's Week - Fabric & Family Suite Francaise
- Watched Suite Française After work on Saturday I opted for a quick veggie dinner and to plonk myself in front of the TV for the rest of the evening with a massive bag of Monster Munch! So I was delighted when I spotted that Suite Française was being streamed on Amazon Prime as I've wanted to watch it for ages (Charlotte I think you might be psychic)! Based on a unfinished work by Irène Némirovsky, (who sadly died in Auschwitz before she could complete it) it is set during the occupation of France in the early part of WWII, and tells the tender love story between Bruno a German officer played by Matthias Schoenaerts and a French villager, Lucile Angellier played by Michelle Williams. It is a beautiful and sad film which reminds us there are good and bad people on every side of a conflict, which considering the fate of its author it makes it all the more poignant and of course there are some beautiful costumes too!

- Finally started editing my holiday pictures from last year! As you will see from the little picture of the Eiffel tower in the header, from my epic holiday last year with my family, I had promised them a CD slideshow of all the pictures ages ago, but as between us we took about a million photos I have been putting off editing them until now,  I might share a few here soon that is if I ever get to the end of them!
Wendy x

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