Wednesday 24 July 2019

Monthly Meanderings - August 2018

Around this time last year I decided to start recording little snippets of the (hopefully) interesting things I got up to, with the intent to make little videos that I could share on here each month, in an effort to get back into blogging, just in a much less wordy way. 

~ Yarn Bombing, Sewing & The Seaside ~
Nina Lee Kew Dress Sewing prep / Appuldurcombe House / The biggest pdf stick together I have ever done /
Isle of Wight Mod Weekender / Barwell Yarn bombing / Waiting for the Train at Brading Station

Unfortunately, though finished for months now it has taken ages for me to upload these videos, partly because I have had no real internet at home for a nearly a year, and partly due to genuine fear of sharing it. The fear has now been suppressed (though I may well delete them in the future when I remember I am too shy for this malarky).

So even though it's mega late I thought I may as well share it, and you get to hear my voice for the first time - all be it my 'phone' voice, which I can't seem to shake when talking to the camera (or myself, clearly). At least my mum will be proud that I've hidden my more cockney overtones*- though they do sneak out here or there!

So here is the first, from Aug 2018, there is Yarn Bombing, Nina Lee Dress pattern waffling and a really lovely trip to the Isle of Wight with lots of Trains!!

Wendy x

That said, despite my best efforts to be audible youtube has not been able to figure out much of what I am saying! So I have done my best to correct the subtitles to the videos to ensure my anxious witterings make some sense to those not as well versed in mumbling cockney!

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