Friday 13 May 2016

Wendy's Week - Planes & Trains

Hello, I hope you are having another great week and are looking forward to the weekend!
This is what I got up to last week...

~ Planes & Trains ~
 - 2nd - 8th May -
The Butterfly Balcony: Wendy's Week - Planes & Trains Leaving Schiphol Airport // Crazy cat lady  // May the 4th be with you // Beginning Me Made May 2016 // Sunbathing knitwear //Bowie pin a pressy from my brother!
Leaving Schiphol Airport // Crazy cat lady  // May the 4th be with you //
Beginning Me Made May 2016 // Sunbathing knitwear //Bowie pin a prezzie from my brother!

- Flew back to Liverpool and almost enjoyed this flight! The weather leaving Amsterdam was gorgeous, clear blue skies as far as they eye could see; the weather over England was not so nice. Our decent into Liverpool was...turbulent, I didn't enjoy it one bit, but as my brother kept reminding me as my sweaty palms were clutching the armrests, it was caused by the thick layer of cloud we were passing through and nothing to be scared of, it was bad, but not anywhere near as scary as I had feared so that's something I guess! One thing I did enjoy was that at both Schiphol and Liverpool you get to enter and exit the plane via steps at the front and rear, rather than the jetty tunnel thingy. Now I know to most it's probably more like an inconvenience, but I really liked stepping off the plane this way, it felt like being a celebrity back in the day alighting to meet their adoring fans from their glamorous jet, my jet was just a bit more easy that's all!

- I received a mystery parcel in the mail this week Once I opened it I found a fabulous Aladdin Sane pin badge from Thread Famous, kindly ordered by my brother for me as he knew I really wanted one. He has his own, which is how I found out about them, but when I went to buy one they had all sold out, so I was very surprised to find one in the post! I shall be attaching it with all my other pin badges to my knitting bag, I know rock and roll, right!

The Butterfly Balcony: Wendy's Week - Planes & Trains  - Cats, cats, cats

- Cats, cats, cats! While still in Liverpool me and mum spotted a cat asleep on a car parked in a driveway, as we looked down the drive we could see other cars each had a cat sleeping soundly on its roof, I thought this was really funny so grabbed my phone to take a snap, when the first cat got up started mewing at us for attention, within seconds there were at least ten cats and kittens appearing from every corner of the garden jumping up on the car for a bit of attention, it was lovely as they were all very friendly, but it was a bit mental, I thought I was a crazy cat lady but this was something else! It does make me a sad though, as however well cared for these cats clearly were, it was evident that this cat clan was a result of them not be spayed/neutered, which is something I feel quite strongly ought to be done, there are so, so many unwanted kitties sitting in shelters, not neutering just means increasing those numbers and that's not right.

- May the 4th Be With you! I travelled back to London last Wednesday and as it was the 4th of May I obviously had to wear my favourite Star War T-shirt. Imagine my surprise when I noticed while boarding the train back to London that the carriage was wishing us a 'Happy Star Wars Day'! It didn't stop there, the train guard was clearly a huge Star Wars fan too, as he had a tailor made announcement each time we left a station, and he even hosted a competition on board to win a toy lightsaber. I didn't join in as I couldn't answer the last question and didn't want to cheat by googling it (which tube station was used in for filming the new Rouge One movie? I had no idea of the answer, but go watch the trailer it's epic!), but it was a lovely added touch to the journey and hats off to him for being proud enough to share his nerdy love with his somewhat bemused passengers!

The Butterfly Balcony: Wendy's Week - Planes & Trains  - Potting up some sprouting potatoes

- Potted up some potatoes. Before I went away I forgot to do a check on the vegetable rack to see if anything was growing legs, so when I got back I found the potatoes I had stored had not just grown legs they were practically walking out of the rack! Rather than just chuck them away in the compost bin, I decided to pop them into some buckets and let them do what they clearly want to do and that's grow. I used to do this all the time when I had my little balcony, but once I got my allotment I no longer had the need. I wouldn't recommend planting your allotment with supermarket sprouters as the seed has not been properly tested so there is the small chance they could spread disease to other peoples crops, however sticking then in a pot in your garden it's fine and in a few months with me topping up the compost every time they sprout above it they should certainly yield enough for a dinner or three!

- I gave my knitted babies a bath! On Sunday it was such a gorgeous hot and sunny day I knew I needed to make the most of it and give some of my handmade knits a bath. My Victory Jumper and Miette cardigan are both knitted in acrylic blended wool so could most likely be machine washed; thought after the hours I have spent knitting I would rather treat them to some TLC even if it does mean they get washed a little less often. The weather was so warm that they were dry within a couple of hours and are now ready and waiting to be worn again very soon!

~ Me Made May Week 1 ~
The Butterfly Balcony: Wendy's Week - Planes & Trains  - Me Made May 2016 Victory Jumper & Box Pleat Skirt // Butterick 5748 and my handmade Hair Bow
Victory Jumper & Box Pleat Skirt // Butterick 5748 and my handmade Hair Bow

My pledge is to wear 3 garments a week for May and I managed 4 this week! On Monday whilst still up in Liverpool I wore my Victory Jumper and newly finished Sew Over It Box pleat skirt, which go together really well! On Sunday while mowing the lawn and doing the chores I wore my Butterick 5748 dress and my handmade hair bow (sometimes I like to be overdressed while gardening!). I have never shown the dress on here before, I'm not sure why, I made it years ago and do really love it as it's so easy to wear and it goes really well with the cardigan my mum gave to me, though I do really wish I had lined up the centre stripe on the bodice with the one the skirt as it now really bugs me! Please excuse the grumpy face it was actually far too warm for a woollen dress and I was overwhelmed!
Wendy x

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