Friday 27 May 2016

Wendy's Week - Knitting & more Knitting

Hello, again I hope you are all having a super week!
I must say this week was a quiet one for me and as you might have guessed from the title there was rather a lot of one thing in particular...

~ Knitting & more Knitting ~
- 16th - 22nd May -
Published my Sunday Pictorial Beret // Did some work on my Plot // Everyone Brave is Forgiven
Signed the Home Fires Petition // Progress on my socks // Beau trying to hypnotise me into getting his dinner

- I signed the Save Home Fires Petition. I actually did this last week but forgot to mention it. I was told by lovely Joe from Josie-Mary, that ITV, in it's infinite wisdom, has decided to not to commission another series of Home fires. WHAT! I know a show about women of the WI during WWII may not everyone's cup of tea, but to leave it's fans with such a massive (if slightly ridiculous) cliffhanger is unkind, especially after this last series I feel I have grown more attached to these characters and want to know what is to become of them and their lovely knitwear! Argh, it's so unfair - has teenage style flailing arm strop! So if you think Home Fires should be recommissioned, you can sign the petition here, let's hope it makes a difference and even if ITV are not up for it, perhaps someone else might be!

- I discovered the wonderful world of audio books. Last month I decided to give Audible a try, as I thought it might be a good way to increase my book reading level (or being read to level). When you sign up you get a month's free trial, which equates to the download of one audiobook. I decided to start my trial with a book I'd spotted when at the airport a few weeks back and I thought it looked interesting, Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Cleave. Set during the early part of the second world war the story follows the lives of four young friends as they encounter not only the ever present war of nations but also the ever-present wars in society; of class, race, and love. I did struggle at first and was in two minds whether to continue listening; the book is narrated by Luke Thompson and he does an admirable job of creating different voices for each of the characters, but initially I found his female voices a little irritating. However I persevered and I am pleased I did, as it is a beautifully written book, some of the descriptions of war-torn London are simply stunning and the attention to historical detail is astounding. I finished listening to it this week and I would totally recommend giving it a read, or even a listen!

- Knitting & more knitting.  I discovered this week that knitting is the perfect accompaniment to listening to audiobooks and this is partly why I feel all I have really done this week is knit! I've been working away steadily on my Hermione's Everyday Socks; I have chosen to make my first pair in the drops 09 Turquoise/Purple yarn,which is so pretty. It is knitting up quite well, the yarn is a little fluffy so it's quite easy to split stitches while knitting, but it is so pretty I'll have to forgive it. Plus I finally figured out how to do the magic loop on circular needles, which certainly took me a while, but I found once I persevered past the first few wobbly looking rows, it all became much less difficult and I think has fallen into place, I guess the next sock will really determine how much I have remembered! I am nearly finished my first sock, just the foot to go, so I'm hoping to cast on the second this weekend fingers crossed!

~ Me-Made May 2016 Week 3 ~

Again this week I only managed two garments, though I did wear my newly finished beret for a few hours till it got too hot so it's almost three! First was my jersey Swallow print dress, which is made from a tried and tested pattern from Sew U Home Stretch, it's another I have yet to blog about but is the same pattern as my Self Drafted Red Dress and is lovely and comfy to wear; despite the fabric being just a bit too see through! I also wore my Spring For Cotton Kim Dress, which I made last year in my Odhams print fabric, I am hoping to get a lot of wear from this again this summer if the weather holds out!
I must say one thing this Me-Made May has taught me, which I honestly didn't realise before, is just how much I like purple! Much of my me-made wardrobe so far has had a purple hue, even the beret I've just finished and the socks I've just started are purple. Oh, and looking through my wardrobe at many of my vintage dresses the same can be said there too! It seems my colour comfort zone has moved away from black and on to purple, which I don't mind at all, I just wish someone had told me!

Have you any plans for the weekend?
Wendy x

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