Wednesday 6 April 2016

Wendy's Week - Planting & Playing with Planes

Hello, I hope you are having a fantastic week!
Here is what I've been getting up to...

~ Planting & Playing with Planes ~
-29th March - 03rd April-
The Butterfly Balcony: Wendy's Week - Planting & Playing with Planes - Instagram Header Planting my first seeds // Floral fabulousness // Keira and Me //  Garden tidying turban time // Airfix beginnings // Sewing in the spring sunshine
Planting my first seeds // Floral fabulousness // Keira, me and our paper plane //
 Garden tidying turban time // Airfix beginnings // Sewing in the spring sunshine

- Kiera came to play! As it's the school holidays, we have had a few visits from my friend and work colleague Christine's little girl Keira. I was prepared this time around and so we have spent our lunch breaks together playing with paper aeroplanes and running around in the spring sunshine kicking a football (it is a Disney princess ball) aren't we are such girlie girls!

- I finished my Sew Over it Vintage 50s Box Pleat Skirt At flipping last!! This as it has been the most frustrating sewing I have done in a while, nothing to do with the pattern mind you that's great, it is my own skills that have infuriated me,It started by me realising I had cut the skirt too long and went increasingly wrong from there as every attempt to rectify the hem went ever more skew-whiff! Anyway, it's all done now and I hope to get some snaps this weekend!

The Butterfly Balcony: Wendy's Week - Planting & Playing with Planes - Making up my Hurricane Airfix kit

- Started on my Airfix Kit and it is really progressing! I choose the Hawker Hurricane as my first victim, mostly as it appeared to be the simplest of the bunch, I'm not actually sure about that anymore but it's certainly been fiddly enough to mean that I have spent a lot less time in front of the gogglebox (though I do love that show) which was the main aim and I've even found an unexpected use for some of my recently purchased sewing clips (see header photo) they are actually perfect for holding together small bits of plastic while the glue dries!

The Butterfly Balcony: Wendy's Week - Planting & Playing with Planes - Planting Onion sets and chitting potatoes

- Talking of Hurricanes we had some bonkers weather. Storm Katie hit the south over Easter I woke up on Monday the garden was a disaster, my little Lean-to greenhouse was at the other end of the garden and the shed that I am storing in panels for a friend had been tipped over and my pots and seed trays were strewn all over the garden. I there was a bright side, (though honestly, this wasn't that bad just irritating) as for once my procrastination in planting had meant that this year I didn't have to see all my little baby seedlings destroyed as they had been last year with a similar storm, which was great but it did also remind me that I ought to get cracking with planting something! So last Sunday I peddled down to my local garden centre and picked up some onion sets and some seed potatoes (discounted due to how late in the season I was buying them, result!), I have put the onions in seed trays (just to give them a head start) and have set the potatoes to chit, so as long as the weather is kind to me for the next few days I should have something to plant out very soon!

The Butterfly Balcony: Wendy's Week - Planting & Playing with Planes - Wendy's vintage 70s Floral Maxi Dress

- Treated myself to a new 70s, maxi dress. I have been restraining myself when it comes to eBay lately, but as I recently sold a few things and had some lovely Paypal funds burning a hole in my pocket, it seemed the right time for another look! I bought this dress from Bird Girl Vintage who always has lots of pretty 70s pieces sadly most are in small sizes so when I saw this, it just had to be mine! I love maxi dresses, I was initially drawn to them for the fact they have a wonderful 1930s feel but I have since also fallen in love with their 70s mostly nylon brashness too! I have lots already lurking in my wardrobe which I hope will all get an airing this year (once it warms up). I wore this all day on Saturday and despite being in a centrally heated house, I still need a cardie too, come on warm weather I ready for you!

Have you been tempted to buy anything for warmer weather?
Wendy x

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