Saturday 15 June 2013

Things To Make & Do - Catnip Toy

OK, so it's official I have gone cat crazy!
Make a Catnip Toy for Charity 01 - My cat in his swedish lodge cat house

We recently bought a cat house so that Beau has somewhere to shelter from the rain when he refuses to come in. I think it's certainly twee enough to classify us both (the BF is as smitten as I am) as cat mad, to be honest, it was on offer at a bargain price to good to refuse, so the possible embarrassment was overlooked, and Beau loves it so it's worth it!

Our Rescue Cat Beau
My phone is full of pictures (as you can see), my curtains and clothes are covered in fur, my arms are littered with bite marks (not obeying orders quick enough) and now Beau has left his mark on my crafting too! I did some 'light' stash busting (in other words I barely made a dent) a couple of weekends ago by making a couple of catnip bags and a little cushion for him to sleep soundly in his favourite spot, on the dresser in front of our living room window. The dresser incidentally was supposed to be my sewing table, but I've been firmly relegated to the kitchen, as my sewing distracts him from his favourite hobby of keeping an eye on the goings on in the street!

(Stash Buster)
  • Scraps of Natural fibre fabric
  • Poly fiber Stuffing- I washed an old cushion which had lost its oomph
  • Cotton thread
  • Cat Nip - Mine was Cosmic Catnip from Ebay
Cat Nip Pouch Free Tutorial for your cat or Charity
Tip: When the pouch starts to loose its power, seal it up in a jiffy bag with some loose catnip for a few days. Be careful to shake off as much as you can of the dried flakes, otherwise, you'll have one delirious but sneezy kitty!
I made his window cushion in exactly the same way as the catnip pouches, from the fleece I had left over from the Peppa and George cushions I made a few years back. I think it's safe to say he likes them!
Make a Catnip Toy for Charity - Happy cat asleep with his cat nip toy
It's a hard life!
As well as making these for Beau, I also made some catnip mice for a local cat shelter. I was prompted to do this by the lovely Lisa's from SnoodleBug, who posted just before Christmas an appeal for knitters and sewers to make cat nip toys for shelter cats. Considering the vast quantities of yarn and fabric I have, I knew it was something I wanted to help with, though it took me a while to find the time, I have now made my first batch, all with the help of Beau, naturally!
Make a Catnip Toy for Charity Naughty Cat helping Sew some Cat Nip Mice
"What do you mean there not all mine?"
The sewing pattern I used was based on one by Connie Crawley found here, (there is also a great knitting pattern version found at The Guardian). To make as many mice as possible in the time I had, I needed to make some time saving alterations. I omitted the base piece (so essentially I cut a heart shape out of fabric) added a plaited wool tail, knotted both ends to the bottom and then sewed around the open end catching in the tail and leaving a small gap on the top seam for turning and stuffing. I decided against adding ears and eyes as I feared they may come off too easily, especially if they get attacked the way Beau attacks his.

Make a Catnip Toy for Charity - Mice shaped catnip toys

They are a much simpler version, not as pretty but they do the job and that's the main thing! We took them over to our local shelter The Scratching Post along with some cans of food our fussy boots won't eat (he actually went on a hunger strike for two days rather than eat the Tesco canned food) and the scratching post he refuses to use, as he much prefers to sink his claws into the sofa. They were really grateful and were keen to offer us another cat*, sadly Beau does not mix well with other kitties (or us most days) so we had to decline. We were told that they currently have 52 cats in the shelter, which made me feel very sad, but I have resolved to make more toys over the next few months to hopefully make their short stay in the shelter a little more enjoyable.

Wendy x

*If we did get another cat I'm harbouring a secret (not so secret now) desire to call it Bill, so that I could call out "BILL, BEAU", I think it would be hilarious...just me then, OK :)


  1. I love this! Can I put in the Top Five next week?

    1. Thank You! Of course I would be honored! xx

  2. Very Chez Cateaux(Chateau!) with Beau......if I didn't know you better I'd say you were Barking!!!( I know its in Surrey!! I've had a glass or two...easily amuzed!!!!!! As long as he's a happy Boy!!!

  3. Beau is gorgeous! Archie regularly goes on hunger strike due to food not up to standard, we have to rotate types (jelly, gravy, grilled, fish) monthly. I'm pretty sure he must have a written schedule somewhere! xx

    1. Thank You!! He,he, yes I bet he does, they are fussy blighters aren't they! xx

  4. I'm not surprised you're cat crazy - he's beautiful. Love his new house.

  5. He is a lovely looking cat - and I do think the Bill-Beau is funny ;)

    1. Thank you Rachel!! Thank godness its not just me :) xx

  6. Beau certainly is a handsome looking cat and I love his outdoor den!

  7. Oh I love this post....and Beau is just the cutest darling!! As you know how cat crazy I am...not even going to make a slight excuse...I think it is wonderful that you got him a cute outdoor play house!! My BouBou is turning a grand age of two this an early Birthday present I got him a new scratcher that looks like a coconut tree! Love the idea of the catnip mice...I need to get round to finding out more about my nearest shelter. Have a fabulous week my darling and enjoy the sunshine!
    May x