Tuesday 25 June 2013

"Stop! Kollabora-te and Listen!"

Don't panic, this post is not about a hidden love of Vanilla Ice and a sudden decision to move my historical fascination to the 90's. Though can I be alone in having to finish the sentence with 'Collaborate and listen' when I hear someone shout STOP! (That or ''Can't touch this''...ooh hammer pants...shudder) I am a child of the 80s what can I say...Sorry. Probably ;)

Anyway, cheesy Hip Hop (& blog titles) aside, today's post thankfully has nothing to do with Vanilla Ice, but everything to do with collaborating!

I stumbled upon Kollabora, whilst on an bus stop inspired Instagram chain of clicking (bored while waiting for the bus you click on a liker, browse then click on the a likers liker, and on and on until the bus comes, or your battery dies!) and knew that once I could get myself to a computer it was a sight I needed to explore.

I have been searching for a long time for a site that is similar to Ravelry, but for sewing projects too and Kollabora fits the bill completely, as it not only lets you share your sewing and wooly projects (Knitting & Crochet) but pretty much any kind of crafting you can turn your talented little hands to!

New Crafters Website Kollabora My feed
Some of my projects
It has a simple, stylish and slick layout, which makes it so easy to find great DIY projects to have a go at yourself or just to be inspired by what other members of the community are creating! There is some impressive stuff being shared, I am itching to have a go at a 'Bleach Art T-shirt' like this one from Izzy!

Another great thing about Kollabora is that each project you upload can be linked to the supplies needed and also you can add How-Tos in the updates section of your project, which means that you don't need to have a blog, to post tutorials and share your creativity!

I think you can probably tell that I am just a little bit smitten with Kollabora and I've not been paid to say that, it's genuine! It won't stop me using Ravelry to share my woolly creations, I still love Ravelry, but the ability to quickly show off all your crafty projects and WIP's (or in my case UFO's) in one place, well what's not to love! So why not "Ch-Check it out" (a hip hop too far? Oh dear!

Wendy x


  1. hehehe...I found your blog via Kollabora! I too am a child (or teen anyway) of the 80's and SO know Ice Ice Baby! I have quickly become addicted to Kollabora, checking in several times a day...which isn't really sensible since I work fulltime and have a fam with two boys...I SHOULD be too busy for it! Oh well, who ever said housework and cooking were actually important? :-)

  2. BTW, I am now following (stalking) you on Kollabora!

  3. Been and looked thanks
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  4. Interesting! And you are utterly cute smitten! Maybe it might even help me do more embroidery! Hope you are having an utterly fabulous week my lovely!
    May x

  5. Ooo this looks fab, thanks for the top tip!