Thursday 17 May 2012

Things to Make & Do - Think Pink!

April's crafting seemed to have taken on a theme, it was only when I was collecting all the bits together to photograph that I noticed everything was Pink! (ooh and I have just realised 2 of last months projects were pink too!). Now I have never been a girly girl when it comes to pink, blue is my favourite colour (sky blue) and yellow is my go-to happy paint colour, as two bedrooms and one kitchen will testify, so quite how soo much pink has crept into my fabric and yarn stash is a misery to me. However, it has happened it does mean that this post is well and truly rosy!

 Easter Bunny
(Stash Buster)

I made a few of these a few Christmases ago and never found the photos to show you all so as there is one little lady who was not around back then I have made her own version for Easter! I used Tors tutorial who blogs over at Girl Meets Wolf, which is so simple to follow and easy to do that you will wonder why you never thought of it before!

Pattern By: Tors @ Girl Meets Wolf
Flat Teddy Bear or Template
Matching Thread
Beads or Black Thread.

Gingerbread Bunny and Little Ted
For my Bunny version I used Little Ted, he has been my firm favourite teddy for many many years now. I wish I had taken a paper pattern from him the last time I made these as they were much less wobbly of arm and leg, but Keira his (new mummy) loves him in all his wonky glory and calls him the Gingerbread bunny, and I can totally see why!

Welly Warmers
(Stash Buster)

I was inspired to knit these by Charlotte who blogs over at Sew Far Sew Good she made two fantastic pairs for herself and her sister for Christmas and I knew as soon as I saw them I wanted to make some, for wearing at my allotment.
Created By : Jane Richmond
Download Free PDF : Leg Warmers
Know How : Cast on, Knit, Purl & Cast Off.
Ingredients : 100g DK Wool
                        A set of 4 Double Point 5 mm /US size 8 Knitting needles  or
                        A 5mm Long Circular needle or
                        A pair of 5mm needles (just means you will have to sew up the seams)

The original pattern is designed to be knitted in the round on either DPN's or a long circular needle, as I had neither of theses so I knitted them on straight needles and  to account for the sewing together I added 2 extra stitches to the cast on. 

I remember as a child having a red pair of leg warmers with penguins on them which I refused to be parted with, well it was the 80's, as a teenager  though I vowed never to wear them again...whoops!
They are exceptionally easy to make and took me about 4 days to knit up in my lunch breaks at work and then another lunch break to stitch the seams up. Due to using only small balls of wool they are a bit untidy on the inside, but they do the job and I think I may have just about gotten my over my teenage leg warmer phobia!

1940s Counterpane Cushion

You might remember a while ago I posted a pattern for a very pretty 1940s counterpane which I had intended to make into a baby blanket for my best friends newest arrival.

Well, said arrival is shortly to be celebrating her second birthday and of the 48 squares I needed to knit to make her blanket I made......7.....yep only 7 squares! The reason, well I'm not sure, I sort of lost interest soon after I posted the pattern.

Whilst watching Water for Elephants, I decided to knit just one more square, this was not the best idea because me+knitting+TV, never ends that well, something always suffers, this time, it was the film, I have no idea what was going on at all. I did, however, notice the costumes which certainly deserve another a watch. 

So with my 8 squares I decided to make a cushion, I used and old pink pillowcase for the insert (which was left over from my bathroom rug) and stitched 4 together for the front and back sections then joined them all around the edge. I think it is quite pretty and perhaps one day it will have a counterpane to go with it. Maybe!

Gertie's Dirndl Skirt
(Stash Buster)

I have had the fabric for this next project in my stash for years, it is a very pretty floral print from Rose and Hubble London. I loved it so much when I saw it that I bought quite a bit, but because I loved it soo much when it came to making something from it, I couldn't bring myself to cut it, which is silly now isn't it! I realised that the perfect project for busting this much-loved fabric would be Gertie's very simple dirndl skirt, as it is quick to make and requires minimal cutting of my precious fabric!

Gertie's Dirndl Tutorial : 
A Tape measure
 Fabric you will need approx 2.5 yards
Matching Thread

Rather than making the paper pattern that the tutorial suggests, I simply measured out my fabric to the required size, also I cut the skirt in one piece to mean that I needed to only stitch one seam. Similarly, with the waistband rather than cutting two and stitching them together I cut one piece double the width and folded it over saving myself another seam! Lazy or economical... you decide:)

The zipper insert is interesting  rather than have a button at the top the zip pulls up right to the top of the waistband which sounds like it shouldn't work but does, and rather well especially as it means not having to sew a pesky button hole!

All in all, I love this skirt and I am sure if the warm weather here, last for more than a few hours at a time, I will get lots of wear out of it. One thing I will say is that the fullness of the skirt does take a bit of getting used to as it can make you feel rather big of bottom, but that may well just be me ;)

Wendy x 


  1. love your pink projects,
    especially the cushion and the skirt,
    pink has always been one of my favourite colours,

  2. What lovely makes! The cushion is lovely and the skirt is gorgeous - perfect for summer

    1. Thank you, I hope I get to wear the skirt lots, if the sun ever comes back:)

  3. Your skirt is amazing!! I might be even lazier and pay you to make me one exactly the same! If not then I really love that material, where did you get it? I really should give the skirt a go myself, with the help of my mum of course...

    1. Thank you! The fabric was from ebay a few years back, its Rose and Hubble print which might still be available. The skirt is definitely a perfect starter project, I would be constantly in a muddle with out the help of my mum:)

  4. oh my I couldn't tell you what my favorite bit is, they are all my favorites!! Busy busy bee ;-)

  5. Well the squares look amazing as a cushion anyway, it is adorable!

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  6. Loving all of your stash busting pink projects! You've been a very busy bee! The bunny is such a good little present idea, think I might be making a few of these myself now, thank you ;)

    I want to see the skirt on you please, can you post up some pictures soon? Bet it looks fabulous!

    The pillow looks really good finished off now, you must have been engrossed in knitting instead of watching the box, heh. I've just finished my next crochet project, and my poor boyfriend hasn't had much attention from me!

    I just wanted to say a very big thank you to you, and have given you the 'One Lovely Blog Award' over on mine, which I think you very much deserve. Your blog always inspires, and I love catching up on reading it. Looking forward to all your future projects :)



  7. Wow! Brilliant work! I love the pink knitted cushion....its so sweet! And that skirt you made is just so pretty with the roses....can't wait to see your outfit post on it when the sun comes back! I am sure you will look gorgeous in it! Hope you have been well my dear and enjoyed the jubilee! Have a fabulous week!
    May xx

  8. Lovely pinkiness all round! Especially the cushion.
    Might well be pinching the striped leg warmer idea for my own stash busting. How many pairs do you think I can knock out before Xmas?
    That skirt was really a blast from the past for me - I made a dress from that same fabric many years ago for my friend's wedding! I was amazed to see it again. Thanks for the reminder/memory.

  9. How did I miss this post?! I LOVE your rabbit, and your leg warmers, and your cushion and skirt! It's all fab! You were busy, weren't you!