Saturday 2 October 2010

Things To Make & Do - A Quick Catch Up

I have had a hectic few weeks at work due to organising our company's annual event at the Imperial War Museum Duxford - I work for a model bus company and every year we help sponsor Showbus which is a bus rally held at the museum. Having worked all of last weekend, it is only now that I have found the time and energy to update you all on all the things I have managed to cross off my to-do list over the last few weeks.

Firstly, it was the 1st Birthday of Keira, my friend Christine's little girl. I decided to make her, her very own version of the Teddy Bear that I have made for her cousins Willow and Emily.

  Due to the lack of time, I decided for the first time to stitch it where possible on the sewing machine, I would normally hand sew as I feel I can make it neater, This actually worked really well and saved me loads of hours of painstaking hand stitching. I also decide to make him a little more individual, so I trimmed his nose a little bit more than I normally would, this worked well, though I got a bit carried away and he does have a small bald patch! oops!!

Next to be finished was the George cushion for my God Daughter Willow. This was promised to her on her 2nd birthday when I gave her the Peppa Pig one, luckily being only two she didn't hold it against me that it has taken four months to finish.

And last, but by no means least, is the Debonair Jumper . After a few weeks putting off finishing the last sleeve, I have finally sewed all the bits together and have my very first self-made jumper.  I hope to wear it very soon, but have to confess I am a little scared in case I ruin it ,or catch it on something, as it has had a lot of time and work put into it, I would be heartbroken to spoil it!

I have spent the day whilst typing up this being very lazy and watching lots of Audrey Hepburn films. Which has given me an idea for an Audrey-inspired post, so watch this space!!

Wendy x


  1. Just followed you here from the vintage knit along. Your jumper looks beautiful, you've done a fab job!

  2. Thank you, just got to get up the courage to wear it!:)

  3. Well, when you do, post a picture so we can all see how good you're bound to look in it!