Sunday 21 February 2010

Sew It - My Dream Pattern

Whilst searching on eBay lately I have picked up some really beautiful vintage patterns which I just can't wait to make up. The first of these is this Economy Design blouse. I have been searching for such a long time for just the right pattern and I think at last I have found it, and it’s in the right size too, well not far off! What a result!

My fingers have been itching to make this as soon as it arrived a week or so ago but it is only now that I have found the time to get started. I have chosen this blue floral light cotton fabric which I bought on eBay a few years ago (not really sure why?!?) I am uncertain how it will look in this fabric part of me is saying it will be great and the other is questioning whether it will look I’m wearing a bedsheet? Well as it's the only fabric I have that is suitable at the moment, I will have to wait and see - I'm sure that that is half the fun anyway!

On laying out the pattern I found that the front bodice facing, the sleeve slit facing and the cuff pattern pieces were all missing... after a few moments of annoyance I considered myself lucky that the main parts were all intact and resolved that these pieces were after all the easiest to replicate.

I have now just got to mark up all the pieces with relevant tailor tacks etc. and then I will be on my way to my very own dream 1940s shirt.

Wendy x

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