Sunday 28 February 2010

Sew It - Dream Pattern Progress

Well, a week has gone by and what do I have to show for it - other than the spare tyre from all the cold Weather comfort eating I have been doing lately- Quite a bit actually...

I have managed to sew all shirt together and all I have to do is:
  • Put in the cuffs - This pattern piece I have still to make.
  • Hemming lower edge.
  • Button holes in the front and cuffs.
It has not been quite as easy as I had hoped, though most of the parts were straight forward, I have really struggled with the collar and must have re-done it about ten times and I'm still not totally happy with it now.

Another part which I confess to having given up on was facing the sleeve slits. I just could not achieve the results shown in above diagram it just came out looking puffy and twisted every time so I have decided to sew these up - as the sleeve is gathered it won't show too much - and I have unpicked the sleeve seams up to the same distance and used this as the opening. I am disappointed by my ineptitude, but have resolved to try again on some practice fabric - It will not beat me!!

My favourite part so far has to be the puffed sleeves I just love them they look just right and by coincidence are totally in fashion this season.

Shoulder Yoke and Puff Sleeve 

The Pin-in-the-neck Collar Agggh!!!

Nearly Finished hopefully soon!!!

Wendy x

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