Saturday 9 January 2010

Kint It - 1940s Womens Mittens

After knitting up some gloves for my co-worker Alan - The 1940s Men's Mittens which he loves by the way!! I decided to knit myself a pair of mittens and they have been well timed as we have recently had some of the worst snow in 30 years over the last few days and getting to and from work has been fun at best no trains to speak of only buses, England seems to have come to a standstill lots of lucky people have got to stay at home no such luck for me! Thankfully I had just finished these in time and they have been a real help especially in our cold office.

~ 1940s Women's Mittens~

The Pattern comes from the same vintage Knitting Pattern Book as Alan's gloves which was published around the time of WWII.

4 ply wool
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For mine I used double knit wool - I was stash busting and simply did not have any 4ply, it did mean that it was a hard job to knit up on the small needles but definitely  worth the pain as the end result was that they came out a little bigger and as my hands are not, let say petite, they fit me just fine.

1940's Free Knitting Pattern Finished  Red and Brown stripe

Only other amendment I made was that I knitted an extra 2 rows of rib on all fingers and thumbs, as I have alien-like digits, so needed a bit more length there.

I really like the result they look quite vintage with a bit of a modern edge, plus they are as warm as toast when you are typing away at your PC and no purple nose which just has to be a bonus!

Stay Warm!
Wendy x

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