Sunday 3 January 2010

Happy New Year - Mistley

Happy New Year! Well, Christmas is well and truly over, though the tin of chocs is still there and still as tempting as ever- you tell yourself diet will resume once back at work and you kind of believe it will.

As we were both truly bored of staying indoors and starting to get very bored of each other we decided to go out for the day with our cameras, and it was the perfect excuse for me to try out my new Canon macro lens that the boyfriend bought me as a very generous Christmas present.

We set out with the intention of going to South End on Sea. But due to forgetting the Sat nav and the boyfriends conviction he knew where he was going, we did not end up there. Instead, we ended up in a lovely little Village called Mistley which lies on the banks of the river Stour in Essex.

Mistley is quite literally swamped with swans. I have never seen so many in one place I must confess to being a bit scared of swans and did not enjoy the fact, that as soon as I stepped from the car I was surrounded by inquisitive little beaks all hoping for food from my bag and not my camera. After acclimatising to the attention I managed to relax enough to get some good shots especially those of a signet who posed for me beautifully before getting bored and wandering off.             

The most amusing part of the day was as we were leaving, a young swan decided he wanted to cross the road in front of us and well quite frankly who would stop him! He hopped off the pavement and strolled casually out across the road with not a care in the world and gracefully sauntered off to join his friends!

The results of a very bored passenger stuck in a traffic jam on the M11.

Wendy x

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