Thursday, 12 November 2009

Sew It - Tradional Teddy Bear

Meet Honey, he is the second in my recap of last year's Christmas goodies that I made for all the little ones I know.

Traditional Teddy Bear free pattern

Honey was given to my God Daughter Willow for her first Christmas along with a pair of very pink sparkly little wellies from Asda which he was looking after for her until she was big enough to wear them herself.

Honey is made from Honey coloured Fur fabric (hence the name though he may well have a new one now!!) and has also got fur paw pads and feet as I didn't have enough felt to do the job, but it does make him a little more hard wearing.

Traditional Teddy Bear  wearing pink wellingtons Full View

I will be making another bear from this pattern this year so I will post the pattern along with the new photos of my latest attempt!

Wendy x

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