Friday 6 November 2009

Christmas is coming....

I've done it again! I have yet again taken on the ridiculous challenge of making all my presents for all the children in and around my life this Christmas.

Now last year this was a challenge, but this year the number has increased and now I have five children to make gifts for - yes I know have only myself to blame and yes I know that I don't have to make gift, I could just head down to the shops like most people, but there is something special about receiving a gift that is unique and has been made especially for you.!

So in no particular order:

Willow: My best friend Diane's little girl and my God daughter who is 16 months old, a massive Peppa Pig fan and totally cute - Tea set with knitted cakes and sandwiches and a fair-isle hat.

Alfie: Fran's oldest Dino/Spiderman obsessed little boy of 4 - The last Two felt dino's from 'Toys to Sew' by Claire Garland.

Emily: Fran's oldest little girl lively 2 (three in Jan) year old who loves Tinkerbell - Teddy bear and a fair-isle hat.

Lily: One of the newest 
arrivals and one of the happiest babies ever- Floppy eared knitted bunny and fair-isle hat.

Kiera: Christine’s First and most unexpected arrival a very tiny 5 months old - Floppy eared knitted bunny and a fair-isle hat and mittens.

I hope to have all this finished by the 21st of Dec as I will be traveling to my parents after this. So the countdown begins...

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