Sunday 12 April 2020

Monthly Meanderings - July (Part Two) 2019

Part two of Julys vlog is all about getting things done at home

~ Sewing Room Tidy ~
In this episode I spend my time, trying to fit all my stuff into my Sewing room, Spoiler, I didn't quite manage it, there is still lots to set but its a start and thats something!
A Billy Bookcase to make the sewing room neater!?! // Me pondering my tan // Yarn stash!
// The burning bin from Hades // Benn's secretly built compost heap!
We also get our very first doorstep milk from Milk and More, Benn builds a Compost bin, and then sets light to some stuff, I'm not sure the burning bin will ever be the same! 
Oh its all riveting stuff I'm sure you'll agree, haha!

Wendy x

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