Monday 23 April 2012

A Thank You & Some Random Facts About Me!

Now, I have been rather remiss in acknowledging the fact that, two lovely ladies were kind enough to honour me with blog awards recently, so it is about time I made amends and thanked the ladies in question!

So First up is the 'Liebster Blog Award' given to me by the super talented Charlotte who blogs over at Sew far Sew Good, which is a must for your blog roll. I don't know how this lady does it she is a wife and mother, a sewist, a crafter, a gardener, an environmentalist, stylish cyclist and she still finds time to blog on, not one but three blogs!!!

My next award was 'The Versatile Blogger' award which was given to me by the ever glamorous May Loh who blogs over at  Walking in May and I highly recommend you go and check out her site too, it is full of her fabulous vintage outfits,tutorials and wonderful reviews on all the best places to be seen in London.

To accept these awards I need to list some interesting (I'll use that term very loosely) facts about me so here goes...

1. I am 5'10" Tall
2. I am Terrible at Spelling: Even though I have an A level in English Literature, I can not spell to save my life, some of the most simple words confound me time and again. Without a spell check (which I thank the heavens daily for) I would be lost completely. I do apologise to you all (especially Keshling) for this so please feel free to let me know if I've spelt something totally wrong or used the wrong word's for my own good:)

3. I love the smell of WD40 : OK this is a really odd one, but hear me out on this. 
My Dad used to own a Sunbeam Rapier (see picture below) which he had since the 60s, as my Dad is a frugal and talented engineer he would carry out all his own repairs and servicing, which always required copious amounts of WD40 and epoxy resin filler (not a nice smell). 
A very pixelated picture of Mum, my little brother and me with said car on our yearly holiday to the I.O.W
Anyway every time I smell it now, I am taken back to my childhood on those sunny Saturday afternoons sitting on our front doorstep fighting to keep my socks up whilst watching him tinker with the car, and occasionally helpfully passing him tools. I loved that car as much as he did and I was distraught when it got vandalised and he gave it way, I cried for days. I guess I have always loved old things, riding around in that car in the 80s always sparked interest from other people and was a fabulous conversation starter. It is my dream to one day own a Sunbeam Rapier myself, and learn how to tinker with it just as my Dad did. Our next car was a muddy brown Toyota, of which there are no photos.

4. I love old Hollywood musicals: No big surprise here! But if I had to choose a favourite, it has to be Meet Me in St Louis.
Image Source: The Judy Room
It's so colourful, that it is like looking into an antique jewellery box and so wonderfully American too. When I first saw it as a child I was totally entranced and spent the rest of the week singing 'The Trolley Song', wanting a red velvet dress, wondering how I could make my fringe curl just like Judy's and dreaming of eating giant sponge cakes topped with Technicolor frosting (so not much has changed). I just love Judy Garland, she exudes Hollywood beauty and when she sings 'Merry Little Christmas' it always melts my heart and knowing it was filmed while WWII raged on makes the words a lot more touching. Oh yes I know it is all a bit schmaltzy, but it's Hollywood schmaltz layered three tiers high and served with a big ole' dollop of pink frosting! 

5. I Love Sci-fi: Star Wars, Star Trek (mainly the original Captain Kirk series) and I love love love Lord of the Rings (can't wait for the Hobbit to come out). Essentially anything that suspends reality completely in a mythical world or outer space and I'm captivated.
6. My Dream Job: Would be working in a museum or old stately home. Being surrounded every day by years of history and dust sound fabulous to me!

7. I Love to Watch Bad Tv: Only way is Essex...Coach Trip...Dog the Bounty Hunter...Come Dine with me...4 in a Bed (which sounds much more exciting than it really is). Basically, reality shows that you would too embarrassed to admit to watching, I'll watch (except big brother, never got it). I'm not proud of it. I should point out I watch documentaries too, I love BBC 4 but sadly I am much more likely to retain the utter nonsense in last weeks TOWIE than a word of the fascinating 2 hour documentary about ancient ruins, which I enjoyed watching just as much, but forgot almost instantly. It's a shame and probably why I'll never get my dream job:)

And finally, as I am sure I haven't embarrassed myself quite enough...

A picture of me aged 8 (with same hair as now, shortly before it got hacked off by mum) in my favourite t-shirt ever! Kylie Rocks! No arguments :)
Last to do is to pass these on I nominate:

Jess of Pink Sunshine
Lucy of Pin Up Crafts
Helen of Sew Styilish
Eleanor Kay of Victory Rolls and Roses

Wendy x


  1. Congratulations! I love MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS, too..

  2. Hee hee nice facts Wendy - I was also a massive Kylie fan :)

  3. Congrats and thank you!!
    This has put a big smile on my face :)
    Awesome choice of facts, I can't wait for The Hobbit to come out either, I watched the trailer when it came out and I got really excited...then it said December 2012 and I hated Peter Jackson just a little bit for being such a tease! xxx

    1. Oh your totally welcome! x

      I know I really feel like a big child and get a bit excited each time I see the trailer, December feels like forever away:)

  4. You are most welcome my lovely and deserve every award you've been given as your blog is just brilliant!! Thank you so much for singing such high praises of my blog as you are far too sweet!
    I can't spell either and the spell checker is really my hidden hero! And I love that photo with you, your mum and little brother....nothing better than a walk down memory lane to keep us all smiling! I must admit i do watch some terrible TV too...Come Dine with Me, Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and Take me Out!! ^_^
    Thanks again for the amazingly sweet comments....and I just LOVE your blog!! Have a fabulous week darling!
    May xx

    1. Thank you as always my dear, I am so glad I'm not on my own with the spelling and TV choices:) x x

  5. Aww such a sweet photo! Great to learn more about you, like you I give in to trashy tv a little bit and adore Come Dine with Me! XxxX

    1. Thank you Glad I'm not alone in the bad TV watching:)

  6. Congratulations and Thankyou so much! I am overwhelmed with happiness! x

    1. Thank you! And you are totally welcome your blog is wonderful and deserves it:)

  7. Oh dear....shamed as a Grammar Nazi forever......:S

    K xx