Saturday 21 January 2012

Things To Make & Do - Woolly Head Wrap

With it being a new year and all, I can't help but make countless lists of things I want to knit and sew in the following year. Also on this list are many unfinished objects that just need that final push to the finish line. So this year I have decided (foolishly or not, you decide) to pick a new thing or UFO from the list each week to start or finish (or at least try to) which I'll share with you all here in an attempt to keep me motivated with a virtual deadline!

So, to start with I have found a super quick knitting pattern that will keep out the wintry chills, looks great and is really easy to do!

~ It's A Cinch Head Wrap ~

(Stash Buster)

Created By: Elisa McLaughlin


A Pair of 5.5mm /US size 9 Knitting needles
50g Worsted Weight wool (or DK wool, use 2 strands at a time)
A Darning Needle

I chose this pattern as I needed something to keep my ears toasty warm whilst I wait for the bus to work. I wanted something a bit more individual than a bobble hat and let's face it bit more stylish too!

This is a total beginners project and really quick to knit up if you can do a knit stitch your sorted!  I'm a slooow knitter, I know I've said it before but this took me only 4 hours to knit and sew together and to be really honest some of that time was also spent randomly Goggling things on my phone...honestly I have the attention span of a itchy goldfish.

As I didn't have any worsted weight wool I used DK and doubled up to make it nice and thick which means warmth! I chose to make mine in Royal Blue to match my coat though I Just wish I had enough yarn left to make a scarf and gloves as mine are black and it bugs me they don't match but I guess I will just have to make another in black and with a pattern this simple It would be silly not to really!

Finished just in time for the first actual cold day of winter!

1. You could knit the wrap a double the length so that you can tie it in a knot at the top of your, head to create a very simple 1940s style turban.

2. To make it a bit different you could knit up a little flower to cover the knot - I used my Rambling Rose Pattern, on 3mm needles with DK wool to make it a bit smaller.

So there you go one project down Just 51 to go I guess! 

Have a great weekend!
Wendy x


  1. very cute, i do love anything turbanesque has x

  2. Oooo it looks super cute!! I am a beginner, I tihnk I might give this a go! x

  3. This is sooo gorgeous! Such a great alternative to a hat. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to get on with looking through my WIPs... ;)

  4. That is such a great pattern and it looks good on too. Thanks for sharing your pattern with us.