Friday 18 November 2011

Sew It - Vintage Vogue

Well hello there! Sorry for my prolonged blogging absence I have been internet-less for a few weeks now (I feel like I have lost a limb) due to finally moving out of my grotty room in a shared house, into a one bedroom flat with The Boyfriend, which to be honest is a bit grotty too (the flat not the BF), but all it needs is bit of a clean and a touch of paint here and there and it will be fine and sooooo much better than having to live in a place that could easily be featured on How Clean Is Your House!

More on all that stuff in another post. I have really just popped by (I should be working shhh!) to tell any UK pattern addicts among you, whilst perusing the web this lunchtime I spotted that Jaycotts are having a 50% sale on their range of Vogue Patterns, this includes the fabulous Vintage Vogue collection, many of which I have been lusting over for ages, I'm sure I am not alone. I have managed to be good only buy a couple, though it was quite a difficult choice I could have easily bought them all! Luckily I'm currently sporting 'insufficient funds' (shakes piggy bank forlornly) so a lack of cash has proved to be positive thing for once, as it has saved me from myself!

So here are a few of my favourites...

1930's - V8767 - Jacket, Dress And Belt Vogue Pattern 

1940/50's - V8686 Misses' Dress Vogue Pattern ( AVERAGE )

1950's - V1083 MISSES' COAT Vogue Pattern ( AVERAGE )

1950's -V1137 MISSES' COAT, DRESS AND BELT Vogue Pattern ( AVERAGE )

1930's - V2859 MISSES' JACKET, BLOUSE AND DRESS Vogue Pattern ( ADVANCED )

1950's - V2934 MISSES' JACKET Vogue Pattern (AVERAGE)

1930's - V1136 MISSES' JACKET AND DRESS Vogue Pattern ( AVERAGE )

1950/60's - V8729 - Dress and Underskirt Vogue Pattern ( Advanced)

We get re-connected to the interweb on the 26th (fingers crossed) so I'll be back soon with more random ramblings, news of a much overdue giveaway and a catch up on what I've been up to!

Have a great weekend!!
Wendy x


  1. Thank You so much for the tip! Will be making a few purchases tonight me thinks :)

    Oh and I am lucky enough to have a Mum who is currently making up the dark blue Misses Suit, 2nd to last one you've featured, until I can return to sewing and make more! Cannot wait to have it!! Having my first fitting next week and will report back :)

    Great to have you back again, have missed your posts, but glad you managed t solve the flat dilemma


  2. hello there wendy
    I am glad you managed to find a new flat
    hope the nightmare is over :-)

  3. I hope the moving chaos will lift some time. It's merely selfish as I want to see you sew those patterns. ^^

  4. So pleased for you that you sorted out the flat issues! Have fun decorating!

  5. Thanks for the heads up on the sale - I'll definitely check it out. I like the short jacket with the batwing sleeves.

  6. hey, so glad you have a new home! I too have looked at the Jaycotts, so far restrained. My first choice is the one at the top, I just love it!

  7. I do love the vintage vogue range, and Jaycotts for their 50% off offers every now and then. I don't have any of these ones. There are some quite good patterns that aren't officially vintage but look so if accessorised correctly too.

  8. Aren't these gorgeous! The grey/blue suit second down is so Lauren Bacall.

  9. Sounds like exciting times ahead sweety! Hope you will have lots of blissful days in your new home!
    Also those are beautiful patterns....makes me wish I was good with the needle or at least a sewing machine!
    May xx