Sunday 15 May 2011

Supersizers Go...Wartime!

With all the Royal wedding excitement and patriotic street parties that have been happening all over the country I was reminded of a BBC series that was shown a few years ago called Supersizers Go... It was a series hosted by Sue Perkins (comedienne) and Giles Coran (food critic) where they tested the diets for various eras by living on them for a week.

This is a look back at an era which is supposed to be lighthearted and fun, to highlight some of the health benefits of theses diets. But I have to say, though I loved the series and their silly chemistry, I found their apparent lack of respect for the era they are re-living got a tad irritating. There is an element of mickey taking which I found a little grating at times; I guess this is what makes their relationship and the show work. Perhaps it just further highlights just how difficult life could be back then and how lucky we are to have the choices we do now, or perhaps I'm just feeling far too protective of an era I have a huge respect for?! I suppose their style is a bit like some of the wartime food not always appealing, but it does the job!

That said it is definitely worth a watch as it brought to light (for me at least) a few new and interesting facts I had not known before and it has Mike Brown Author of 'The 1940s Look' sharing his some of his vast knowledge on the era.

Wendy x


  1. Did you see the series with Valentine Warber called Ration Book Britain? I found that very good?

    Yes I agree the constant digs at the ear they were recreating wore thin in the end.

  2. I saw this programme too and agree that their comments did get on my nerves after a while. But, what interested me the most was the house that they filmed it in. I wonder if the house belonged to a vintage fan or whether it was mocked up?

    P.S. Ration Book Britain gets a thumbs up from me too.

  3. How nice it would be if I could actually type *sigh* that should have read 'era' not 'ear'. I also seem to have got carried away with the question marks. Conclusion don't type anything before I have had my second cup of tea of the morning!

  4. I had the exact same reaction to that show. Have a little respect! Quit bitching! Just eat it and get on with your life. But I think they do that on purpose to appeal to a wider audience.

    We introduced a sort of food-rationed diet in our house a while ago. It was part experiment and part necessity. We don't really miss the fat and sugar and processed foods, though we certainly did at first. I think you need more than a week to get a good idea of what this would be like..

  5. Miss Magpie - oh thank you I have not seen Ration Book Britain I will have to have a look for that one on you tube:)

    Vintage Knitter - I thought the same thing, I'd love to think some one lived there!

    Steph- Wow I have often wanted to try something like that, to eat better and save money, but the boyfriend isnt brave enough. I definitly agree you
    need longer than a week to fully apreciate it.