Thursday 14 April 2011

Things To Make & Do - Little Black Dress

As it's been a bit quiet on the sewing front of late, so I thought it was about time I shared with you all a dress I made last year for the boyfriend's mums birthday meal. It was made from a Butterick reprint of a pattern from 1952 - Though to me it has got a real 60s feel to it and is really reminiscent of the dress Audrey Hepburn wore in 'Breakfast at Tiffanys'!

~ Butterick B5032 ~

With 5032 you get quite a bit for your buck! There is the shift dress, which you can add a chiffon overskirt, to give it a real 50's feel, a cummerbund Sash, narrow belt and a caplet!

 I really love this pattern,  the dress came out just like the drawing, which is so rare! Also, it was very easy to make up, and bar the hemming It was finished within a day! I used a quite thick black brocade curtain type fabric which I picked up from Walthamstow Market for £1 a meter! A total bargain!

 Butterick 5032 Retro 1952 

One thing I don't like though, is the way the skirt pleats make it stick out around the waist making it look puffy, although it does mean you can eat as much food as you like and I suppose it must also make your waist look smaller by contrast!
Puffy Pleats!
My only other gripe is that the neckline does tend to gape a bit at the front, but I guess if I had done a muslin first, I could have probably sorted that, it's those lazy genes again!

 Now, as anyone who knows me will testify, I HAAATE having my photo taken, I would much rather be behind the lens. But with the weather here in London being all glorious and sunny last weekend, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to take some photos. Also having just bought a new floppy hat (from Sainsbury's no less) I felt a bit more inspired to do some random posing (albeit very uncomfortably) and prance about a la Miss Hepburn on my balcony. 

I'm sure I gave all the people waiting at the bus stop and in the Pizza shop across the road the a jolly good laugh, as I kept popping in and out like a crazed Weather House Woman who seriously needs to join, whilst repeatedly setting the timer on my camera! I must get a remote trigger!

Welcome to my awkward face!?!?

I don't know what I was doing here, but at least you get a view of the back and The Balcony!
 New Hat!! Only £4 from Sainsbury's available in Black and a Browny Beige!
I took off the scruffy raffia band which it came with and swapped it for some black ribbon, so much nicer (shame I tied a very messy bow) and a bit less 70s this way. I think depending on how you dress this hat up it could also pass as 1930s?!

Oh,Where is that Bus?

Right, I am off now to photograph the giveaway prize I have found for you fabulous followers!  It's a very vintage item from 1937 - though it has fared quite well for a 74 year old! I am really excited and I hope you like it!

Enjoy the rest of your week!
Wendy x


  1. Ooh well done! It's beautiful and I love love love the fabric you've used :).

  2. Oh, I think it looks lovely! And so do you. I'm tempted to get that pattern now, it looks like a veritable conucopia of sewing goodness. It looks great, are you going to sew any of the other offerings from the pattern?

  3. Thank you Ladies :)
    Toria - I'm thinking it really needs a belt so I might have a go at that first. Toying with the idea of the over skirt, just need to find the right fabric!!

  4. i love the dress, well done
    and you so pretty and elegant!!!

  5. Thank you my dear, your very kind:)

  6. I so love this dress and your blog! xoxo Wendy Kaye :)

  7. Thank you for your very lovely comment, its great to meet another Wendy!!!