Monday 17 January 2011

Gifts Galore!!!

Well as I have left it so long to post about my Birthday presents, I thought I would post all the lovely gifts that I received for my birthday and Christmas together. Amongst the socks, smellies and a ton of chocolate there were lots of wonderful vintage inspired DVD's from my nearest and dearest.

From the boyfriend I received the complete box set of Foyles War, how lucky am I !? I missed most of the episodes when they were on TV, so I am really looking forward to going through each episode and droooooling over the clothes and sets, as well as the wonderful storylines of course!!

 From my parents I got The Mrs Bradley Mystery's a BBC series from the late 90s which I can honestly say I don't recall at all! It stars the marvellous Diana Rigg (my favourite Avenger ever!!) as the irrepressible Adella Bradley and Promises to be filled with 1920s opulent murder and mystery!!

The next is Stephen Poliakoffs Glorious 39. which is described as 'A tense psychological thriller set against the idyllic British countryside during the glorious summer of 1939, just before the outbreak of the Second World War'

This is another one that I really don't know much about, I must have been asleep when it was released in the cinema, as it's not that old! The reviews on amazon seem to be mainly in the, loved or hated it category. It contains a 'stellar ensemble' of some of the Leading British actors so I am sure even if the plot is not great, it will be well acted.

Lastly but possibly the one I am most looking forward to watching is The Open Road by Claude Friese-Green, filmed in 1924 it shows Britain from Lands end to John o'groats, filmed for the first time in Biocolour (a technique developed by Claude's Father). The DVD contains a compilation of highlights from the journey, which has been restored by the BFI National Archive. From the little bits I have seen on TV and youtube, it looks stunning, a wonderful piece of British history captured in colour.

Also, I was a bit naughty and on the run up to Christmas, I did treat myself to two books I have wanted for a little while now...

The first is 'Style Me Vintage' by Belinda Hay. I was first alerted to this book by Jenny over at Life and Times of a Vintage Obsessive, I am really eager to give some of the styles ago as my hair, tends to fall into the seriously neglected category! I am hoping that this year I will be able to have the perfect vintage coiffure!!

The Other book is 'The 1940s Look' by Mike Brown. I had been eyeing this one up on Amazon 
for over a year and finally to the plunge to buy it, and I am glad that I did, though I have only had a quick look through, it seems packed with, snippets from magazines from the 40s, which will make for interesting reading!

I am sure all these will keep me busy for an absolute age!!

Wendy x


  1. I have the 1940s and 1950s Look books, they are fantatsic reference material, perfect to browse on rainy afternoons!! :)

    Happy belated birthday!

  2. Oooh, what fab presents! Please let us know how you get on with the look books, I've been tempted but am abysmal at styling my hair and have decided not to fork out for something I'll probably be too intimidated to use.

  3. Oh yes, keen to know which book is best. I am so bad at hair. :/

  4. hi,
    I love your blog,
    thanks for sharing

  5. Thank you Jojo!
    I will definiatly do an update on each book ,once I have had a good read so watch this space...

  6. I too received the complete box set of Foyles war and ahve yet to find time to even start watching them...ahh..
    I also received same books as yourself, Style me Vintage and the 1940's / 1950's books and I may well treat myself to the Mrs Bradley Mysteries as they look tickerty boo and right up my viewing street.
    I just love any good period drama thanks for sharing your wonderful gifts.