Thursday 6 January 2011

"Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye"

Well, A Happy New Year to you all!!  I hope (if you celebrate it) that you had fabulous Christmases!
Mine was spent with the flu. It seems that everyone has had about of this at some point this winter, so I guess it was my turn!  Luckily it started on Christmas Eve so I had finished all my gift making by then, unluckily it made Christmas a bit of a feverish blur and having no appetite meant that all the lovely Christmas food was wasted on me Boo!!

Anyway on to the point of this post!

I am currently totally hooked on 'Wish Me Luck' an ITV TV drama currently showing on the digital channel Yesterday. (weeknights from 7-8pm)

Made in the late 80's it's inspired by the autobiography of secret agent Nancy Wake aka The White Mouse (one amazing woman!), and follows the story of Liz Grainger played by Kate Buffery and plucky factory girl Mathilde ‘Matty’ Firman played by Suzanna Hamilton, from their initial recruitment and training with the Special Operations Executive in England, through to the terrifying reality of their lives as agents in Occupied France.

I know I am a little late on posting about this, as now as showing episode 3 - I did try to schedule this post to upload on Tuesday but completely messed that up! but nevertheless, it's a really gripping series, packed full of suspense, which is beautifully acted and definitely worth catching of you can.

Wendy x


  1. Ooh! Happy New Year - soryr to hear you were poorly. So many people were struck down this year :(
    Thanks for the heads up on this series. I am newly interested in SOE women.. so I shall have to check this out!

  2. Not completely hooked yet, but only because the hair and overall styling is a bit iffy- very 80’s! Story good, and one that’s not often represented but I much prefer ‘Secret Army’, now that’s a series I was hooked on… Having said that, I’ll be watching tomorrow!
    Happy New Year. Tups

  3. Oh my lordy I watched and loved this first time around as a very young girl!! I never forget the scene at the beginning when she is holding the chair above her head and it turns out to be training, if I recall correctly. Thank you so much for posting about it, I shall record and watch it when Lord C is out!

  4. I just discovered this too! Since I seem to have missed the beginning, I had a look on ebay to see if is available to buy, and it is. The complete series (1-3) can be bought for £20, bargain! x

  5. Just popped in to say hi ... I am your valentines swap partner! So sorry to hear youve been ill, I too had the flu over xmas in fact its lasted nearly 4 weeks, only just starting to feel normal again! I will enjoy reading your blog over the next few weeks and getting to visit you, do visit me!
    Heather x

  6. Tickety Boo Tupney - I know what you mean it has a very 80's soft focus feel to it!

    Lady Cherry - I have similar memories, think it was on Sunday nights, which probably mean I was sat watch trying to look invisible so my mum didn't send me to bed!!

    Miss Meiow - ooh I saw it on amazon for £17.99 before Christmas and free P&P if your interested! I might treat my self to it once pay day arrives!!!

  7. Yes, I do recall this the first time around.. and LOVED it....sadly we don't get yesterday .. grrrrr. Lizzie