Friday 26 November 2010

The Fringe Benefits!

AKA Don't Try This At Home

I have a confession to make, last weekend I did something very stupid, or very brave: I cut my own fringe, please don't tell my mum!

I have for some time now wanted a fringe just like Chuck (Anna Friel) has in pushing daisies which is essentially a 60s peekaboo style. I know it's not really in keeping with my 1940s obsession at all, but I am sure I will still be able to style it into a forties style when I want to.


I have attempted to get this style of fringe on no less than three different hair cutting occasions, and each time I have left the salon without my fringe. I think the problem stems from my fear of having my hair cut at all (it's on a par with the dentist for me) as I get very nervous and probably don't explain what I want properly. The best I have had so far, was a long tuft which was swept to one side - which did look OK but it was not what I wanted - no photographic evidence remains, thank heavens!

So, on Saturday evening after re-watching my Pushing Daisies DVD for the umpteenth time, I decided I had enough of my lacklustre hairstyle. I wanted my fringe and I wanted it now! After all how hard could it be to cut your own fringe!? - I should point out before I continue that I am well aware that this could have gone very badly wrong - I once asked the boyfriend (a qualified engineer, by the way, straight lines should be part of the job) to trim an existing fringe, only to end up with right side perfect and left side 1" shorter than right! This was only days before my best friends wedding which I was going to be a bridesmaid, the poor wedding hairstylist had to practically glue the thing in a sweep across my head with hairspray!  My own fault I know so will I ever learn? not likely!

Image Source :The Vintage Wife
So, this time, I did my research and passed on the boyfriend's offer to "cut it for me" his idea of a joke, funny? Armed with Google, YouTube and far too much confidence in my abilities, I decided to to take my hair into my own hands.

Most of the YouTube tutorials I found were all about trimming an existing fringe not creating one from scratch. I was about to give up when I found 'The Vintage Wife's' wonderful blog post all about how to cut your bangs/fringe from scratch no pre-existing haircut needed. Plus the illustration of Audrey gave me the confidence to give it a go!

Firstly I washed and blow dried my hair leaving it just a little bit damp just enough to make it easy to part the hair. I quickly realised that the key to the perfect fringe is to section the hair off correctly. For the style I wanted I needed quite a high upside down v shape (as in the Audrey Picture) lined up with the edges of my eyebrows.

The Before - The After

I also used one tip gleaned from all the YouTube tutorials I waded through, which is to twist the hair tightly in front of your face and then cut across, this seemed to give the fringe a curved shape a little longer at the sides than in the middle, which softens the whole thing. There is a great video by Sam Villa which explains the whole thing!

I gradually worked my way up the sectioned hair getting shorter and shorter until I reached a point where I felt happy. Then I used a pair of thinning scissors (which you can get from most chemist stores) to, you guessed it, thin the ends out a little and take some of the weight off.

The finished result, will I ever get the hang of a selfie!

All in all, I am really happy with it, I have to admit it is just a little too long, but I am going to live with it for a few days and then trim it up a little bit. Let's just hope I don't snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!

If your as crazy as me then here is some YouTube fringe/bang inspiration, but remember To Always Snip Responsibly:
  • For a good explanation of how to achieve various different styles look at Miss Curly Locks video.
  • For the best 1940s Betty Page Bangs Tutorial take a peek at Strawbwerry Koi Vintage video.
  • If Straight Bangs are your thing then biancablovesu's video will be right up you street.
Wendy x


  1. Aaah, I'm so glad I'm not the only one that attempts risky (read: dumb) things like this. The amount of times I've trimmed my fringe or cut a new one with good results being a low percentage... Rest assured that your new fringe entirely suits you. x

  2. Another fringe cutter here! Your fringe really suits you and was definatley worth the bravery.

  3. Well done for taking the plunge! It looks great.

  4. I adore Chuck's bangs as well as Pushing Daisies- such a beautiful show.
    I also admire your courage, if I were to undertake such a task with my own hair I fear things would end badly. The fringe really suits you!

    I'd also like to say that as a new follower, your blog is amazing. I've given you an award on my blog as you have one of the best blogs I've recently discovered. Stop over and check it out

    Can't wait to see more from you!

  5. Brave lady! I've been too scared to go near fringe-chopping since in school a friend of mine cut another friend's hair and made her cry...

    Miss P xx

  6. What a brave lady you are! But fabulous results, love the fringe!

  7. Hello! It looks brilliant and really suits you - well done for taking the plunge! I also cut my fringe but only trim, rather than cut from scratch. Do you have any thinning scissor recommendations?