Wednesday 4 August 2010

Knit It - Such A Debonair Little Jumper The progress...

Well, it nearly killed me with all that rib, but I have finally finished the main part of my Debonair Jumper and thankfully it looks like I will have enough wool left to do the sleeves after all, hurrah!!

The Butterfly Balcony - Such A Debonair Little Jumper

I had to add an extra pattern repeat (which by the time did the front I was cursing just slightly) to make it longer but other than that I kept to the pattern in the book. 

I did have to refer to the vintage copy, as in the book there was a typo on row 9 of the leaf pattern in the modern version, luckily the book shows both the vintage pattern and a retyped modern version so the confusion was sorted out quite quickly.

I really am pleased with the result, it is the first big project that I have started and I still feel really positive about it which I was not expecting- I tend to loose enthusiasm about half way in normally!

So now on to the sleeves...

Wendy x


  1. beutiful color and stitching..wish I knew how to knit and sew.

  2. ooh, I might have to make this one soon.