Tuesday 8 June 2010

Busy Blogging Nothing!

It's been a month since I updated this little blog and I am feeling rather guilty. It's not that I haven't had lots of blog-worthy bits and pieces to write about it's partly me being a bit lazy and having too many different things to do at the minute.

Another part of my excuse is the lack of space.  As I am sure you will notice from the Picture, this is my sewing station, beauty bureau and also my computing corner, which means only one of the above can be done at any one time - The curse of living in a shared house with only one room and a balcony to call your own.

Anyway I hope this week to catch up with all the things I have been spending my non-blogging hours on as you can see from the picture I have started two more blouses from my much loved Economy Design Pattern, I have also started a knit from the wonderful 'A Stitch in Time' which is a long process for a slow knitter like me, and I have been busily working on gifts for my Best Friends new baby which is due at any moment! Which means I had better get a move on to finish!

Wendy x

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