Saturday 21 September 2019

Monthly Meanderings - June 2019

So its June now in my round up of well overdue videos, the internet round here is no better than before!

~ LDN & MCR ~
Planting herbs //Oxalis bulbs // Benn on the decks
Phillip //  Euston Station // Quarry Bank

In this video there is a day trip to London to catch up with my wonderful friend Phillip, where we stroll around and get lost! Theres a little planting of herbs and new bulbs and...

I ended the month with a trip with Benn to Manchester, for a spot of DJ'ing and a Birthday day out to the beautiful Quarry Bank Mill!

Things mentioned:
The Doric Arch
• Monstera Deliciosa'Taueri 
• Oxalis Trangularis
Jamies Jungle Instagram
• Soul Sauce DJ
Quarry Bank Mill

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