Wednesday 2 December 2015

Free Patterns - 1943 Needlework Illustrated

Today is my birthday and so I thought, seeing that I am getting lots of treats today it might be nice to treat you lovely readers as well!! So I am sharing one of my Needlework Illustrated booklets which contains lots of sewing ideas for making yourself and your home look fabulous during rationing, also most importantly four super knitting patterns!

The Butterfly Balcony 1943 Needlework Illustrated Zebra Striped Shirt Free Knitting Pattern

Zebra Striped Shirt
To fit a 32-36" bust
The striped Shirt on the cover of this Magazine is a cleverly knitted version of one of the most popular and charming fashions of the day. These blouses always look fresh and tailored, are attractive under a suit and important enough to wear with an odd skirt for everyday occasions.

The Butterfly Balcony 1943 Needlework Illustrated September Beauty Free Knitting Pattern
September Beauty - Lace Knit Jumper
To fit 32-36" Bust
These days every garment has to do the work of two. Here is a versatile little knitted that makes the prettiest lace-stitch jumper you could wish for, or buttoning all way down the front, can be worn as a cardigan when so needed. The full sleeves are a new and charming feature finishing in deep ribbed cuffs to match the ribbed welt that fits so snugly at the waist. A tiny ribbed border edges the neck and fronts.

The Butterfly Balcony 1943 Needlework Illustrated Classic Cardigan Free Knitting Pattern

Classic Cardigan - Selected for Style
To fit 33-35" Bust
How's this for a bonny baby! The foal, full of fun and frisk, is only three days old! The Proud owner is wearing the classic hand-knit Cardigan. Four coupons were never invested better than in this warm woolly cardigan. It takes 8 ounces of 3 ply wool and is worked in stocking stitch!

The Butterfly Balcony 1943 Needlework Illustrated Arab Stripe Free Knitting Pattern
Arab Stripes Jumper
To fit 32-34" Bust
Raid your 'muddle-box' for bright bits of mercerised thread or wool left over from your knitting, and work them into the bands of colour that distinguish the sleeves of this novel jumper. Here you have a "Knitted" of great individuality... smart, new and striking... yet so easily achieved.

I hope you enjoy!
Wendy x

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