Sunday 9 March 2014

The Kitchen Front - Eggless Pancakes

It was pancake day this Tuesday past and as always seems to happen, after dreaming about them all day, when it comes time to make them I am already too full from my dinner and no longer fancy them. So I thought this year I would make them a weekend treat and have a late brekky, of sticky and sweet lemon pancakes.

Now the only reason I am telling you all this is because the recipe I used is a wartime one, it popped up on my Google+ feed on Tuesday shared by the Imperial War Museum, and I knew it was something I wanted to try. It is an eggless recipe as you might expect for the time and for me this is a bit of a bonus as I'm trying to whittle down the food that is lurking in the recesses of my kitchen cupboards (it appears it's not just fabric I'm hoarding) and so everything needed I already had!

Eggless Pancake Recipe
Good Fare published in 1942

1 tbsp Custard Powder
3 tbsp Flour (Plain)
1 teaspoon salad oil (sunflower or olive etc)
1/2 Pint Milk (I used Soya)
Pinch of Salt

1. Mix together the dry ingredients
2. Pour in 1/4 pint of the milk saving the other 1/4 for later
3. Whisk together for 5 minutes
4. Add the rest of the milk and the oil and whisk again
5. Let the batter rest/stand for at least 1 hour
6. Fry in Oil
7. Eat

I found these tricky little blighters to cook, It might in part have been caused by me replacing the dairy for soya milk, but without remaking them I can not tell, either way, I think it's worth keeping these two things in mind when cooking them:
USE A NON STICK PAN - This means you don't need to add extra oil, This batter has quite a bit in the mix already I found adding oil to the pan made cooking them take much longer and made them much more greasy/slimy.
KEEP THEM SMALL - No bigger than an American pancake and make them thin as the centres seem to remain gooey even when the have been cooked for a long while. Also, it's worth noting they will take a fair bit longer to cook than normal pancakes.

I can confirm after eating more than my fair share that they are delicious, you can't taste the custard at all and though they are a little more taxing to cook than your normal batter ones I would still recommend giving them a go! I doubt lemon and sugar would have been the topping of choice during the war years due to the shortages of both, but they would be just as nice with a little jam!

Wendy x


  1. I don't like pancakes but every year I'm tempted to make them! These look lovely :) x

  2. These look yummy! I don't tend to make pancakes as I don't like to use eggs, so am interested to try them the vegan way xxx