Tuesday 29 October 2013

The Business of Fast Fashion

Recently I was contacted by Zoe Gray a researcher for Online MBA who wanted to share a very interesting short video on the Business of Fast Fashion.

Created by OnlineMBA.com

I will be honest until I started blogging fast fashion was something I had not ever considered. I knew that fashions changed seasonally and that prices for clothes were seemingly getting cheaper, and in turn, the quality of the garments was poorer but I never stopped to consider the impact this 'throw away' fashion was having on the world. Most of the clothes I currently own, are either second hand or home made (apart from underwear, which if I could make my own I would) and so I am well aware that I am out of the loop in terms of what is considered 'on trend'. I would like to say that this is purely for ethical reasons, but it is actually more a case of knowing what I like, wanting something that fits properly, and then wanting to wear it till it falls apart. There is also something wonderfully reassuring in giving new life something that has already lasted many years, or in making something new that will hopefully do the same.

Obviously sourcing second hand and making your own it's a much more time-consuming way of creating a wardrobe, than hitting the high street in your lunch break, so I can totally see that for those who are tight on time or on budget, that this fast pace fashion at cheap prices must be a great way to always look 'current', whilst only costing a few pounds. The fact that the clothes are poorly made and will only last a few wears is immaterial as fashion has moved on before that happens, but even without thinking of the environmental and ethical impact these garments have, it does make me wonder, say in 70 years time, when women like us want to dress in a vintage (albeit the 2000s) style way, with the mass production of poor quality clothes, will there be any in good enough shape to be wearable? And for that matter, with fashion styles changing at such a rapid pace, what would be classified as an 'iconic' 2000's style anyway?

Wendy x


  1. Such an interesting/tricksy subject and something that crops up a lot in convos with friends! Nice video too! I can understand people's desire (perpetuated by the clothing companies and magazines etc) for cheap trendy clobber if you're into current fashion, but it is completely unsustainable and the whole thing is a supply and demand cycle of doom. Poor sweat shop folk are bearing the brunt of it, just so people can consume more shoddy goods without a second thought to where they came from or where they end up! I like the sentiment of Vivienne Westwood's motto/campaign of 'buy less, choose well' but the gloom-monger in me fears it's all too late and part of a bigger problem we have in the West where consumption is king in the pursuit of happiness, whether it's clothes, food, gadgets or whatever 'stuff' we can get our mitts on! Argghh!

    1. Thanks Jo for such amazing comment! I wonder the same I hope its not too late, I do wonder if this Vintage obsession that has hit the mainstream, is possibly a reaction to it in a small way, though what happens when it all goes out of fashion again is anyones guess!

  2. amen to this post and jo's comment!

  3. I especially liked that last sentence - I feel like until very recently most decades could be identified by fashion pretty easily, but now everything is such a mish-mash that it can only go downhill from here surely? I like to think fast fashion is just another trend that will slow down eventually but realistically...I'm not sure. Such an interesting topic to think/talk about! :)