Tuesday 21 February 2012

1940s Hairstyles - A Vintage Classic 2nd Edition

1940s Hairstyles by Daniela Turudich Second Edition
As anyone who has ever coveted this wonderful book will know, it has been out of print for quite a few years. Meaning that a copy of the original release retails around the web for, some seriously scary amounts of money ($175 to $311.27...Seriously!!) which is a long way out of the average vintage lasses price range.

So I was really delighted when I learnt, finally, the fabulous 1940s Hairstyles by Daniela Turudich is going to be released as a second edition, from May 2012 you buy a copy of this super little book, at a much more reasonable price of about £15.99.

I have just pre-ordered my copy on Amazon UK (currently £11.84) and am looking forward to finally getting my hands on my very own copy of this vintage gem!

Wendy x

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  1. Amor is that the same one I have in PDF form?
    I will email it to you.