Tuesday 11 October 2011

Sweeter than Sunshine

After my Oscar the Grouch style post I thought I would change the mood a bit with an awards post!

While I was off on my hols the gorgeous Katrin awarded me 'The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award' How kind! Now this is one busy little lady as she has not one but two fantastic blogs, the first is about all the vintage in her life which is called Per Bar one Penny. You must check out her post on cutting her own midi, it looks amazing! So go and pay her a visit you won't be disappointed!

Part of the rules of receiving this award is to list 7 Random facts about yourself:

1. I am 5'9" tall, which makes vintage clothes buying difficult as they tend to come up too short, this one of the reasons why I took to making my own clothes.

2. I have size UK 7/8 feet which again makes getting vintage options almost impossible.

3. My love of the past began with a love of all things 60's. I am sure It was triggered by watching re-runs of The Avengers (can't tell you how much I wanted to be Mrs Peel, catsuits and eye liner what's not to love!!) and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (The most hilarious name for a Nemesis ever, shame no one told him all he needed was some yoghurt and his problems would be over;)).

4. I love chocolate but I don't like chocolate flavoured ice cream or chocolates with runny caramel inside... I've no idea why just both seem really wrong to me. I'm very strange:)

5. I am a slightly obsessive list writer, I really can't go a day without jotting down some form of list, be it of the shopping or Things to do variety, I will seldom be found without one on hand!

6. I bite my nails and have done so on and off since the age of 2. I tend to only bite them now when I am stresses or worried, which luckily does not happen often. The weirdest thing is that I am unaware of actually biting them until it is too late.

7. I could not live without my Converse trainers I bought my first pair with my first paycheck and have had a pair in various colours ever since.

Now I must pass this on to some fellow bloggers - This is the hard bit as all the blogs I follow are really wonderful and have helped to keep me the right side of sane over the last few weeks. So I have chosen some of the newest arrivals to my Google Reader!

Radka from Moon River and Me
Donna from Hook and Stitch
Rueby from Rubey Retro 
Toria from Girl meets Wolf
Lyra from Pretty Oddity
Mayday May from Walking in May
Catlin from Caltlin Rose

 All that's left for me to do is to pop by to let you all know!

Wendy x


  1. Thank you so much!!! Totally with you on "The Man from Uncle", chocolate and lists!! X

  2. I love lists too! Sometimes I even write stuff down that I may have already done just so I can score it off... haha! My sister used to bite her nails for years and couldn't stop, hers were really bad, then one day she just stopped, so there is hope!


  3. Congrats - I totally agree with you about converse, they're the best, but if you don't like Hotel Chocolat salted liquid caramels you're insane!

  4. well done Wendy, you deserve it! x x x

  5. Paper Doll - Your more than welcome :)

    Rachel - There is nothing quite like ticking off something from your list!

    Lakota - Oh I have never heard of HC's salted caramels, they sound very interesting, If I get the chance to try them and don't like them I promise to send the rest to you:)

    Charlotte - Thank you x

  6. Aww, thank you so much for your kind words :)

    I know the nail chewing problem myself. I did it for years (since I was a kid) and nothing really helped until I started wearing nail polish. I just found the thought of "eating" polish flakes so horrible that I stopped.

  7. Congratulations! Completely understand no.6, I've been an off/on nail biter for years. I've just popped over to let you know that you are my swap partner for the Festive Hope and Charity Swap, lovely to meet you ... :0)

  8. I'm just catching up on everything and this was a lovely surprise, thank you! You totally deserve the award, I love your blog!

  9. Congratulations on the blog award!! Very well deserved as your blog is absolutely lovely! And thank you so much for thinking of me...its really sweet of you and has made my day!! :)
    Might have to pick your brains on some vintage know-how soon, as I am doing some research for a vintage short film!
    May xx

  10. ps: I do have to confess I am an obsessive list ticker!!

  11. That's ok sweety...as I've been a bad blogger too! Wish I could be more diligent in blog writing or less forgetful! I have just done my 7 random facts but realised I had forgotten to pass the award on! Oh dear!
    May xx

  12. I'm 6 ft so I know well the issue of things too short... Congratulation On the award

  13. Converses really are the best :)